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Sir Austin Is Cool With The Leanderthal Lady!

Moving To Leander

Leander is one of the hottest growing cities in Austin and super family-friendly. If you're moving to Leander then check out our moving services below.

Local Leander Moving

If you are looking to move in or out of the Leander area then you have come to the perfect location. Sir Austin has completed countless moves in Leander and knows the area well!

Packing & Unpacking

If there is one thing that Sir Austin wants to convey to his Leander moving customers it is this: the perfect pack goes unnoticed and the unorganized pack can wreak havoc!

Apartment Moving

Sir Austin knows all about the Leander apartment moving scene and has moved all the hot spots. If you're looking for the best Leander apartment mover then look no further!

Long Distance Moving

When it comes to our long distance Leander movers we'll create a special plan no matter where you are moving to. Whether you are moving to or from the Leander area!

Piano Moving

If there is one thing that Sir Austin likes to do with his Leander movers it is to make sweet piano moving music. Sir learned Fur Elise at a young age, that's probably why he loves pianos!

Pool Table Moving

Sir Austin was a 9-ball champ and that probably explains his passion for moving pool tables. If you're looking to move a pool table in Leander then there is no other name to know!

The Leander Way

If you are moving to the Leander area and are looking for a Leander moving company that knows the area then look no further! Below is our process that we complete for every Leander move.

Plan Your Leander Move

So you've decided to make a move in or out of the Leander area? Congrats, we have you covered! Whether you are planning a local or long distance Leander move, Sir Austin has your back!

The Proper Leander Pack

Sir Austin understands how important the perfect pack is for his Leander moving customers! That's why he plans, plans, plans and then makes a move before anything has been moved.

The Perfect Pad

Sir Austin is always looking for the perfect pad and that goes double for his Leander moving customers. The perfect pad goes unnoticed, the bad pack can wreak havoc!

Stacking For A Leander Unpack

If you are moving to the Leander area then stacking our moving truck will be different than if you were moving across the city or even the country. Go with the pros that know!

Unpacking Your Leander Move

After we have packed and stacked your move then the next step is to arrive at your new destination. The final step is to unload and stage your move, right up Sir Austin's alley!

Final Staging Of Your Move

Sir Austin is all about the final stage of moving, let's just say he's like an interior designer when it comes to staging! Move this and that there? No Problem! We have you covered!

The Leanderthal Lady

Leanders 10,000 Year Old Resident

Whenever moving to any area Sir Austin does his homework first, and no story has captivated him regarding the history of Leander than a discovery that archaeologists made in 1983. The discovery was made by the Texas Department of Transportation and ended up being the remains of a 10,000 year old woman that they affectionately call Leanne, because of her proximity to Leander. This prehistoric diva has confounded Sir Austin throughout the years! Find out what the discovery unearthed.

Meet Leanders First Lady

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