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Sir Austin Is Here To Do One Thing And One Thing Only, Show Austin What A True Moving Experience Looks Like!

Our Moving Services

Sir is here to do one thing, show Austin what a truly smooth move looks like! Here's a list of the main moving services that we offer.

Local Moving

Moving is at the heart of what we do as a company and the A-Team is a group of a battle tested moving specialists. If you're not amazed then our jobs not done!

Long Distance Moving

Moving long distances can be a logistical challenge that is ripe with potential snags for the inexperienced mover. Luckily our long distance team has years of experience!

Packing & Unpacking

Packing a box might seem like a mindless task but if done improperly you can seriously damage your belongings. We follow a strict packing process on every move.

Piano Moving

We are Austin's Piano moving pros and have moved it all and seen it all when it comes to moving pianos. We'll move your baby like it was our baby, without a single scratch!

Pool Table Moving

Sir Austin used to be a nine ball champ so he knows just how important your pool table is to you. He'll treat your baby like his baby, pampered service at every step!

Commercial Moving

Our commercial moving team specializes in commercial moving concerns. We understand that our commercial moving partners need an ongoing level of concern and we deliver!

The Sir Austin Way

We follow a set formula on every move we complete and we stick to our processes religiously. This is just an overview so if you want to drill down then head over to Sir's blog!

Planning Your Move

The perfect move starts out with the perfect plan. As the adage goes, those who don't plan, plan to fail and moving is no different. Sir Austin's a knight so he's always ONGUARD!

Packing Properly

Packing a box properly might seem like a mindless task but if done wrong, you can cause serious damage to your boxes and your belongings.

Padding and Protecting

Sir would never take shortcuts when it comes to padding and protecting your furniture and neither would any member of The A-Team. We pad and protect everything!

Stacking and Moving

The perfect analogy to draw regarding stacking a truck is that it truly is like a game of Tetris. Lucky for you Sir Austin is a Tetris GRAND master!

Unpacking and Staging

If you don't pack a moving truck properly then be prepared for a chaotic unpacking. That's why Sir meticulously labels and inventories all of your belongings.

Finalizing Your Move

After we've successfully unpacked and staged your new home we then go the extra mile to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your move. Wash dishes, mop the floor, no problem!

From The Move Tube

Sir Austin loves to show our customers our internal processes and also have a little fun as well!
Head over to the MoveTube to find articles about how we do things and other Moving news.

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Sir's Simple Strategy

Friendly Service

We understand that moving is stressful so we only hire movers with friendly dispositions, then teach them to be the best!

Sound Protocols

It might seem like a mindless endevour but there is a big difference between a professional move and amateur hour.

Train, Train, Train

Every move is different, ripe with potential logistical snags. We train, train, train and then send our movers out into the wild.


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