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The Round Rock Police Department is here to serve and protect and as one of the safest cities to live in central Texas, they're definitely on top of their jobs! The department also offers a number of community outreach programs as well.


The Round Rock Fire Department not only has the tall task of keeping Round Rock residents safe, it also provides a number of fire safety courses throughout the year that help educate families on fire safety and protocols.


Remembering to pay your utility bills can be a real drag but don't worry because the Round Rock utilities department goes out of its way to make bill paying a snap with a number of different autopay options that you can set up.


The Round Rock Independent School District has a number of accolades to brag about. They send one of the highest number of students to UT Austin and have a staff full of award winning teachers! What more could you ask for?


Collecting trash is a logistically intensive process and one that the Round Rock Solid Waste Department has mastered. From an auto pay system to timely garbage and recycling collection, Round Rock has your trash needs handled.


The Round Rock Parks & Recreation Department manages a number of different public places that are sure to be fun for the whole family. From sprawling parks & trails to a cutting edge recreation center, there's always something to do!


The Round Rock City Council prides itself on its open form of government. From public mettings where citizens can air their grievances to other open meetings that show the sausage making of government at work.


If you're moving to Round Rock and are thinking about remodeling your new home then the Planning & Permit Department is where you want to start. They handle all things related to building codes and zoning standards.


The Round Rock Public Library houses more than just an impressive archive of information to explore. They also provide a number of family-friendly educational classes throughout the year that focus on fostering a love of reading for children.

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Moving to Round Rock is like moving to an Austin city unto itself. Round Rock is an awesome community that is family-friendly and has a ton of great schools and public playgrounds to explore. From a rich history in making Austin into what it is today to providing interesting stories for the ages, if you're looking for a Round Rock moving company that gets it, then give Sir Austin a shout!

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Sam Bass was a Round Rock outlaw that had a moving history. After trying and failing at legitimate businesses Bass turned to a life of crime and eventually pulled off one of the biggest train robberies in U.S. history. With his band of merry men...

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