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Pflugerville Relocation Guide

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The Pflguerville police department does just more than protect and serve. They also offer a number of community outreach programs throughout the year that introduces the force to its citizens. Click the link above for more info.


Aside from keeping the city safe, the Pflugerville Fire Department also offers a number of classes throughout the year that educate its residents about fire safety. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so make sure you know the basics.


Having to remember to pay your utility bill is the worst. That's why the Pflugerville utility department offers a number of differnt auto-pay options to its residents. Aside from that the website also publishes billing schedules.


The Pflugerville Independent School District is an award winning school board that is committed to the success of its students. They offer a number of different ways for parents to interact with their childrens teachers.


As we all know, trash stinks! But paying your bill doesn't have to be with the many auto-pay options the agency offers. The Pflugerville trash & recycling center make sure that your trash pickup is a seamless as it can possibly be.


The Pflugerville Parks & Recreation department manage an expansive set of public parks and places that are fun for the whole family, from paddling down Lake Pflugerville to shooting some hoops at the recreation center!


The Pflugerville City Council is in charge of setting rules and regulations for the city, hearing public concerns and making sure Pflugerville is one of the best ran cities in Austin. Follow the link above to visit their website.


If you're a new Pflugerville mover and are looking to remodel your home then the Pflugerville Planning & Zoning Department is where you want to start to make sure the city doesn't have any restrictions regarding your remodel.


The Pflugerville Public Library offers more then just an amazing archive of information, they also offer family-friendly events throughout the year, not to mention a number of different book clubs for all you book worms out there!

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Moving to Pflugerville should be an exciting time, especially if you're moving to start a family! The Pflugerville area is a prime spot to move to due to the master planned city and relatively inexpensive property rates. But forget all that, Sir Austin is all about a good party and here's the coolest stuff P-Ville has to offer and if you're looking for the best Pflugerville moving company then look no further!

The City Of Plugerville has a very distinct place in the history of Austin. Henry Pluger was a German immigrant that pulled himself up from his bootstraps and made something of himself by starting several businesses in what is modern day Pflugerville. This article traces...

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