North Austin Relocation Guide

Important links for North Austin new movers


The Austin Police Department serves and protects North Austin and their website stresses that if its an emergency, dial 911 but the APD does much more than just respond to emergency calls, check out their website for more information.


The Austin Fire Department is charged with keeping the residents of North Austin safe from fire related emergencies but they too offer a number of fire safety classes throughout the year that will up your families fire safety IQ.


New North Austin movers will be wondering about utility services and the Austin Utility Department handles everything to do with your utilities. From auto-pay to rate and scheduling information, if it's regarding utilities this is where to start.


If your children will be attending public school, residents of North Austin are under the Austin Independent School District. Here you can find information about schools, school directories and much, much more.


Even if you're new to North Austin I'm sure we don't have to tell you that trash stinks! But paying your bill and learning about scheduling information doesn't have to be. Click the link above for more info on trash & recycling.


North Austin has some amazing public parks and public places. If you're moving to North Austin and don't know much about the terrain then the Austin Parks & Rec Department has you covered. They publish a directory of every public place in Austin.


North Austinites who want to get involved with local government are encouraged to visit the Austin City Council's website. There are a number of ways to make your voice heard, visit the link above for more info.


North Austin building codes fall under the Austin Planning & Zoning Department and can be very stringent so if you're moving to North Austin and are thinking about remodeling your new home then this is the place to start.


The Austin Public Library has a number of branches in North Austin that offer a bunch of different educational services. From job training to book clubs, the Austin Public Library is an awesome public resource you should be visiting!

North Austin Relocation Guide

If you're moving to North Austin then you need to read through Sir Austin's North Austin new mover guide. It's chaulked full of awesome North Austin goodness. Sir Austin knows North Austin like the back of his hand and there's only one North Austin Relocation Guice you should be reading! In case you're looking for a North Austin moving company youknow what to do!

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