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The Leander Police Department does a lot more than just protect and serve, they also offer a number of different community outreach programs throughout the year that give Leander residents to meet their public servants.


From saving people from fires to getting cats out of trees (just kidding, don't call them for that!), the Leander Fire Department is here to serve its citizens and aside from emergency services offer a number of year around safety programs.


Let's face it, not remembering to pay your trash bill can stink! That's why the Leander Utility Department goes out of its way to not just make bill paying a snap, but to also make your utility services run as smoothly as possible.


The Leander Independent School District is committed to the success of its students and prides itself on its strict teacher training programs. Click the link above to find out more about why the Leander ISD is one of the prizes of Austin ISD's.


The Leander Garbage & Recycling agency has the dirtiest job in government but hey, someone's got to do it! This is where you want to start if you've just moved to Leander and want to know about trash pickup and recyling.


The Leander Parks & Recreation department have the funest job in government because they manage one of the most expansive park systems in all of Austin. From awesome classes to little league programs, family fun awaits.


The Leander City Council prides itself on its open form of government and citizens are encouraged to get involved. It publishes minutes for every meeting so you can stay informed even if you can't make a meeting.


If you're moving to Leander and are planning to remodel your home then the Leander Planning & Zoning Department is where you want to start. Here you can find planning and permitting restrictions that the city publishes.


The Leander Public Library is more than just a place to explore amazing print and digital archives, it also offers year around classes that are fun and interactive for the whole family. Click the link above to learn more.

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One of Sir Austin's favorite places to move is in Leander. Ever since he discovered the Leanderthal Lady he has been fixated on learning more about his mystery woman and also exploring Leander as a whole! This relocation guide should introduce you to the city and if you need the services of a Leander moving company, then you know who to contact!

The Leanderthal Lady was a prehistoric woman that was found in what is modern day Leander and was given her nickname because of where she was found. Affectionately named "Leanne" this mystery lady has confounded Sir Austin and here's why!...

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