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As everyone already knows, if you're in an emergency then dial 911 but if you have another matter that involves help from the police then the Georgetown Police Department is ready to help and they're just a call away.


The Georgetown Fire Department not only keeps the residents of Georgetown safe, they also hold classes year round on fire safety. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure where fire safety is concerned!


Paying your utility bills can be a real drag and that's why the Georgetown Utility Department has a ton of payment options for you to choose. Not only that but they have a friendly staff waiting on deck to answer any questions you may have.


The Georgetown Independent School District is an award winning agency that graduates some of the best and brightest students that Austin produces. Click the link above to find out more about their caring teachers and award winning academics.


Georgetown takes recycling seriously and the Solid Waste & Recyling department is determined to make Georgetown the most recycle friendly city in all of Texas. Find out more about the recyling and trash services that Georgetown has to offer.


The Georgetown Parks & Recreation Department has the honor of presiding over the most acres of public spaces of any city in all of Austin. Not only that but they also offer a ton of classes to enjoy at the Georgetown Recreation Center!


The Georgetown City Council presides over a 7 district area and assigns a representative to each area of the city so residents have someone to contact regarding their concerns. The city touts having an extremely responsive government!


The Georgetown Planning & Zoning Department regulates all building codes that the city produces. If you're planning a remodel of your new home then this is the place to start with any questions about building codes.


The Georgetown Public Library has a rich archive of both digital and print materials to explore. They also offer fun classes throughout the year that are educational AND fun for the whole family so definitely check them out.

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Georgetown has been named one of the safest places to raise a family in Austin and while not only the safest, it's also one of the funest as well! From Inner Space Cavern to Berry Springs Park, there is a ton of family friendly events to attend for the whole family. However you have to know where the fun is and this Georgetown relocation guide has you covered. Dazzle your family by looking like an insider and if you're looking for a Georgetown moving company then you know what to do!

Bill Pickett was an African African cowboy that was from Georgetown and moved out of poverty by becoming a prolific rodeo performer. Aside from the rodeo circuit, Pickett went on to star in a number of different big screen films such as "The Bull-Dogger", meet...

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