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Sir Austin Loves Finding New Uses For Storage Containers
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Mobile Storage Containers

Sir Austin has been obsessed with the thought of using storage containers for building homes ever since he started contructing the blueprints for his mobile storage division. After extensive research he found that you can buy 10x20 storage containers for as little as $500 a piece and set out full force to implement a plan to safely store his customers belongings, with the least amount of 'heat', if you know what I mean (never know where Dr. Ding could be lurking!). Here's a gallery of Sir's favorite homes that have been built with storage containers!

Storage Container Architecture

Storage containers make the ideal construction component because how strong and durable they are. Aside from being almost indestructible they are also stackable, meaning that you can stack many containers on top of each other in a pyramid scheme, Ancient Egypt style! Storage containers have been used in the construction of a number of different, everyday buildings such as houses, business offices, apartments, school buildings and a number of other uses that are too cool for school. In this article Sir Austin guides us through a basic tutorial on a number of different use cases for using recycled storage containers. SirsMark.

Storage container architecture planted roots as early as 1987. A man by the name of Phillip C. Clark filed for a patent describing a method for converting shipping containers into actual habitable living spaces. While it was profound for its time, more and more architects are turning to storage containers to form the foundation of their structures. And why not? Shipping containers are built in the constructs of some of the strictest government standards the world over. The standards have to be enforced closely because many container ships stack containers many multiples high. If everyone doesn’t enforce the same building standards then the system couldn’t be standardized.

Military Use Cases

There has also been a great many contributions to storage container uses by the U.S. armed foces over the years that has been made by the American armed forces. The military is known for pushing the envelope for the most advanced technological achievements in the world and the use of shipping containers as homes is no exception. The military has used container homes in a number of different ways, from packing and shipping military barracks as is to using containers as makeshift hospitals that are easily stackable no matter high you want to go. Commercial storage containers can be recycled to great things, now if the rest of the moving industry could only see this!

Apartment Buildings

Storage containers make great stackable living environments and there are a ton of architects that specialize in building multi-family dwellings from storage containers. These containers are stacked sometimes as high as 10 high and could definitely go higher due to their all but indestructible manufacturing process. Storage containers are ready to go for a number of different uses cases and all you have to do is surf eBay to find a super cheap one of your own!

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