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Moving To South Austin

South Austin has grown over the years and has a rich history that adds to the overall 'Austin flavor'.
If you're moving to South Austin then you'll need to check out these important links first.

Police Department

If you're moving to South Austin then you'll be under the jurisdication of the Austin Police Dept. Aside from keeping Austin safe, the boys in blue also put on a number of community outreach programs through the year.

Fire Department

The Austin Fire Department is not just in charge of keeping the residents of South Austin safe from Fire emergencies, they also put on a number of classes that educate South Austinites on how to be smarter about fire safety.

Utility Services

Having to remember to pay your utility bill can be annoying, but it doesn't have to be for new South Austin movers. The Austin Utility Department offers a number of easy and convenient ways to pay your utility bills.

School District

If you're a new mover to South Austin and have kids, then you'll definitely want to learn more about the school board that manages your childs students. Click the link above to learn more about the Austin Independent School District.

Trash And Recycling

The Trash & Recycling Department of Austin handles solid waste management for South Austin. The cities website offers residents easy ways to pay their bills and also get educated on the various recycling services that the city of Austin offers.

Parks And Recreation

If you're a new South Austin mover then you'll definitely want to check out the Austin's Parks & Recreation Department. This is where you start whether you have a family or are a bachelor. Explore Austin the right way!

City Council

The Austin City Council publishes all the minutes from their meetings on their website so if you're moving to South Austin and want to get involved with local government you'll be like a kid in a candy store!

Planning And Permits

Moving to South Austin and planning to remodel your home? Then make sure you understand the permitting process that Austin enforces, it could cost you thousands if you're imporvements aren't up to code.

Public Library

The Austin Public Library houses an award winning archive of information in both physical and digital forms. Aside from that they also offer awesome, family-friendly classes for South Austin new movers.


Meet Texas Pioneer Stephen F. Austin

Stephen F. Austin, who the city of Austin is named after, was born of modest means in a town located just outside of a mining town located in Virginia. He began studying as a lawyer at the ripe age of 21 and ended up becoming one of the most accomplished men that has ever impacted the history of Texas. If you're moving to Austin then you'll want to adhere to Sir Austin's adage of 'know thy roots!'. Read on to find out he turned his modest start into become one of the most influential people in Texas history.

Meet Our Forefather

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The Sir Austin Way

We follow a set formula on every move we complete and we stick to our processes religiously.
This is just an overview so if you want to drill down then head over to Sir's blog!

Planning Your Move

The perfect move starts out with the perfect plan. As the adage goes, those who don't plan, plan to fail and moving is no different. Sir Austin's a knight so he's always ONGUARD!

Packing Properly

Packing a box properly might seem like a mindless task but if done wrong, you can cause serious damage to your boxes and your belongings.

Padding and Protecting

Sir would never take shortcuts when it comes to padding and protecting your furniture and neither would any member of The A-Team. We pad and protect everything.

Stacking and Moving

The perfect analogy to draw regarding stacking a truck is that it truly is like a game of Tetris. Lucky for you Sir Austin is a Tetris GRAND master!

Unpacking and Staging

If you don't pack a moving truck properly then be prepared for a chaotic unpacking. That's why Sir meticulously labels and inventories all of your belongings.

Finalizing Your Move

After we've successfully unpacked and staged your new home we then go the extra mile to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your move. Wash dishes, mop the floor, no problem!

South Austin Popular Places

If you're a new South Austin Mover and looking for some awesome places to visit
then look no further! South Austin is filled with family-friendly places to visit.

Museum Of Pop Culture

The South Austin Museum of Popular Culture is a great place to visit for anyone moving to South Austin that loves pop!

South Austin Rec Center

If you're looking for a rec center that has it all then the South Austin Recreation Center has you covered for sure.

Mayfield Park

Mayfield Park is an awesome public park in South Austin that is all about nature. It's a perfect place to visit for anyone with children.

The Bridge Bats

The Bridge Bats are batty, literally! It's a great place for anyone moving to South Austin that is fascinated by bats.

Garrison Public Pool

The Garrison Public Pool in South Austin is a great place to bring the whole family to cool off on those notoriously hot Austin summer days.

South Austin Senior Center

The South Austin Senior Center is a great place for any senior that is moving to South Austin and wants to make new friends.

South Austin Tennis Center

The Rippner Tennis Center is the place to hang for any new South Austin mover that loves tennis and wants to meet like-minded tennis heads.

Blazer Tag

Blazer Tag is a really cool place to visit if you're moving to South Austin with kids that want to shoot thier friends!

South Boggy Creek Trail

The South Boggy Creek Trail is a great place to visit for all you trail explorers out there. It's nature in the heart of Austin.

Texas Skateboarding Club

It's like Sir always says, skate or die bro! Hmmm, I'm not sure if the kids are still saying that but go here to get your skate on!

Umlauf Sculpture Garden

The Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum is a cool place to see some amazing sculptures in South Austin. This good time is set in stone.

South Austin Aqua Dome

If you're raising a little underwater explorer and are moving to South Austin then be sure to check the Aqua Dome!


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