What Is Your Moving Process?

Our Moving Process

We follow a strict 5 step process on every move we complete. Plan, Pack, Move, Unload, Stage, this is the Sir Austin moving company in a nutshell! Below is a brief overview of each step, although not an extensive list, we wouldn’t want Dr. Ding getting his hands on the actual blueprints!

Planning Your Move


Planning a move gets more involved with size of area being moved

Planning a move becomes more important the bigger the move. For instance moving a 1 bedroom apartment is much less involved than moving a 5,000 SQ Ft house.


Sir Says: Pack for the stack!

The packing process can be done by you or us. If we’re doing the packing then please see our FAQ on our packing process for more info. If you are going with a DIY pack, we can not only supply you with all packing materials you might need but we can also give you guidance about how we would pack your residence.

Moving Truck Icon


Stacking a truck is akin to a game or real life Tetris

Once everything is packed, it’s now ready to get stacked. Where your belongings are being stacked depends on the moving method you choose. For instance if you’re using a mobile storage solution or are we just moving yuou to your new location that same day.


A perfect pack makes the unpacking a breeze.

If we did the packing then there’s nothing to worry about. We map old rooms to new one well ahead of time and label your boxes accordingly. If someone else is doing the packing we normally like to seek guidance on the method of packing (if any).


Sir Austin is like an interior designer when staging a house!

Everyone knows Sir Austin loves the limelight so getting ready for the big stage (finalizing your move that is) has to be just right before popping the bottles. Move this here and that there, no wait there, no here…NO PROBLEM!