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Sir Austin Knows San Marcos, Eat Em Up Cats!

Moving To San Marcos

Sir Austin knows San Marcos well because it's his old stomping grounds, if you're moving to San Marcos then these are mission critical services we offer.

San Marcos Moving

Most of our San Marcos moving customers are students but we also move families in and out of the area as well. If you need it moved in the area then we are your San Marcos moving company!

Packing & Unpacking

If you use a San Marcos moving company or not we can pack or unpack your move. As Sir Austin likes to say, the perfect pack will go unnoticed but the horrible pack can wreak havoc!

Apartment Moving

Most of the moves we go on in San Marcos are apartment moves because of the abundance of college students. Sir Austin is a batchelor so he knows all about apartment moves!

Long Distance Moving

If you are a long distance San Marcos mover then we can come and get you wherever you are. Many students move to the area from outside the city and we are in it for the long haul!

Piano Moving

Sir Austin is ready to make sweet San Marcos piano moving music with any customers moving a piano in the area. Sir Austin learned Fur Elise at a young age and has loved pianos ever since!

Pool Table Moving

Most of the San Marcos pool table moves we have gone on are for frat houses but regardless of the reason you need to move a pool table in San Marcos just remember that Sir is you man!

The San Marcos Way

We follow a set formula on every move we complete and we stick to our processes religiously. This is just an overview so if you want to drill down then head over to Sir's blog!

Planning Your San Marcos Move

Most of the moves we go on in the San Marcos area are students moving from Austin to attend Texas State. Sir knows all about apartment moving, eat em up cats!

Packing For The Stacking

It takes at least 30 min to get from Austin to San Marcos so we pack your boxes for the stack, meaning stacking of our truck. We make sure nothing will get damaged during the move.

Pad, Pad And Then Pad More

When moving longer distances like from Austin to San Marcos you want to make sure that every inch of your furniture is covered. There will not even be a single ding on Sir's watch!

Once Stacked Then Move

Once we pack and stack your home then it's time for the moving phase. If we're moving you out of Austin then we coordinate with you on where we are moving to.

Unpacking Then Staging

Once we have packed, stacked and moved you to your new San Marcos home the next step is staging. Like us to move this here and that there? No problem! We are here to serve!

Finalize The Move

Once we have finalized your move and you are happy with your San Marcos move we then go the extra mile to make your first day a great one. Wash dishes, mop floors? No problem!

Meet Ranger Jack

The Founder Of Hays County

John Coffee “Jack” Hays was a Texas Ranger that was crucial to the founding of our republic. Hays, who was a decendent of then President Andrew Jackson and was known as a highly competent man, led the Rangers on a series of successful battles against the Comanche Indians. Hays battled the Comanches for years and eventually gained the respect of the Comanches themselves, so much so that the main chief of the Comanches eventually ended up sending a golden spoon to Hays upon the birth of his first son. Read on to find out more about this San Marcos pioneer.

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