How Do You Protect My Furniture?

Protect Furniture Moving

Whether we’re preparing for a residential move or a commercial move we protect furniture the exact same way and even though furniture comes in different shapes and sizes we still follow a single process when protecting your furniture for the big move. Pad, wrap and transport is the 3 step process that we employ when moving all furniture. First we set the pad on the item and tape it into place. Next we shrink wrap the item, as shown in the picture above, and finally we transport the item in a safe and thought out manner. Below is a more detailed look at each part of the process.


Moving Pads

The first step is to set the pad and tape it down

Whenever padding a piece of furniture you want to first assess the number of pads that the item in question requires. After that the race is on to set the pad(s) in place and tape the pad(s) down (Sir Austin likes to act like he’s a cowboy in the rodeo!). The trick is to use the least amount of tape as possible, you want to tape the pad(s) down in one go around.


Next you shrink wrap the item

Once the pad is in place and tapped down, the next step is to shrink wrap the item. We cover every inch of the item being wrapped to ensure maximum protection.

Moving Transport



Sir Austin’s motto regarding transporting your furniture is “when in doubt, measure it out!” This mainly concerns unloading the item into your new home. If the item is being taken out of a residence, retracing the original point of entry is usually the best method of moving.