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Sir Austin used to shoot a little 9-Ball so he knows how valuable your pool table is to you!

Pool Table Moving

Sir was a junior league 9-Ball champ, trust us, we’ve heard the story like a million times! Here's the general process that we employ on every pool table move.


Whenever moving a pool table you want to take accurate measurement and chart the course of the move. It's important to measure every step to make sure it will fit.


Whenever moving a pool table you want to take accurate measurement and chart the course of the move. It's important to measure every step to make sure it will fit.

Pad & Protect

Whenever moving something the size of a pool table it is important to protect every square inch, this ensures maximum protection for your pool table. Sir will treat your baby like his baby!


Although moving your table should be charted well before it's moved, sometimes unexpected issues can occur, good thing Sir has seen it all and moved it all!


Unloading a pool table is a cautious process. A wrong step and the next thing you know you have an unexpected scratch. But not on Sir Austin's watch!


The final step in moving a pool table is to strip it of all pads and protection and reassemble it. There's only question left to answer, who's up for a game of 9-Ball?

Common Questions

We've heard a number of common questions from customers regarding pool tables that we move, here are a few of the most common.

Do You Specialize In Pool Table Moving?

If a company isn't advertising for something then they generally don't specialize in it. Make sure to check if they outline their process somewhere on their website to ensure they are legit.

How Would You Move My Pool Table?

Most companies will come to your home and give you a free estimate on the moving fees. Asking them while they're there about the process they would employ should tell you all you need to know.

How Many Pool Tables Have You Moved?

Another good way to tell if the company in question has experience with moving pool tables. If they don't answer with a large number then chances are they don't specialize in the service.

What Is Your Pool Table Moving Process?

If a company really specializes in moving pool tables then they should have a process outlined for how it's done. If they don't have a process then they probably haven't been thinking about it.

What Does Your Insurance Cover?

Because nothing in life is guaranteed, accidents do happen. A major question you need to ask is what does the insurance policy cover? Most of the time it's a fraction of what your pool table costs.

Do You Play Pool?

Ok the last question shouldn't matter but it does to Sir. For some weird reason he's suspicious of anyone who doesn't like playing pool but he kind of has a point, who doesn't like shooting pool?

Sir's Simple Strategy

Friendly Service

We understand that moving is stressful so we only hire movers with friendly dispositions, then teach them to be the best!

Sound Protocols

It might seem like a mindless endevour but there is a big difference between a professional move and amateur hour.

Train, Train, Train

Every move is different, ripe with potential logistical snags. We train, train, train and then send our movers out into the wild.


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