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Sir Austin Hangs Out With Henry Pfluger Jr!

Moving To Plugerville

Moving to Pflugerville should be an exciting time, especially if you're moving to start a family! Here are a number of services we offer our Pflugerville new movers.

Pflugerville Moving

We have completed a number of moves in and out of the Pflugerville area and Sir Austin knows the area well. Don't choose a Pflugerville mover that doesn't know the area!

Packing & Unpacking

Our movers know what our Pflugerville customers want, the perfect pack! The perfect pack will make unpacking a breeze whether we are unpacking your home or not.

Apartment Moving

Sir Austin is a batchelor so he knows a thing or two about apartment moving. Our Pflugerville apartment moving customers don't have a thing to worry about besides a smooth move!

Long Distance Moving

Are you completing a long distance move in or out of the Pflugerville area? Then fret not! Sir Austin is in it for the long haul and knows all about interstate moving.

Piano Moving

Sir Austin wants to make sweet moving music with his Pflugerville moving customers and lucky for you, we specialize in piano moving. We'll have you concert ready in no time!

Pool Table Moving

Sir frequents all the Pflugerville pool halls and knows all the players in the area. Don't embarrass yourself by using another moving company that doesn't know the area!

The Pflugerville Way

If there is one thing Sir Austin knows about his Pflugerville moving customers it's that they want a smooth move. Below is a rough outline for every move that we complete. If you want to know more then contact us!

Your Pflugerville Moving Plan

Everyone knows that those who fail to plan, plan to fail and your Pflugerville move is no different. We plan, plan, plan and then move your home. Sir Austin is never off guard!

Planning For The Pack

Having a proper plan for packing your Pflugerville move will ensure that you'll have a roadmap (no pun intended!) for how your move will go. The unplanned pack wreaks havoc!

Padding and Protection

Professionally padding and protecting items for a move is a much different process than simply wrapping thin blankets around your couch. Let us show you the difference!

We Stack For The Unpack

Our team stacks our trucks for the unpack and you can rest assured whether you are completing a local Pflugerville move or not then our team knows what to stack and when.

Unpacking Your Move

Whether you are completing a local Pflugerville move or moving long distances our team will unpack your move with pinpoint precision, that much you can bank on!

Staging Your New Home

Sir Austin is like an interior designer when it comes to staging your new home after a move. Move this and that there, no wait there, no wait there! No problem for our Pflugerville family!


The Father Of Pflugerville

If you're moving to Pflugerville then you need to know thy roots and the story of how Pflugerville became a town is rich in history. In 1849 a German immigrant named Henry Pfluger landed in the Austin area, escaping his birthplace of Germany and the Prussian War that was ravishing his country at the time. After settling in East Austin first, Pfluger made a crucial trade for the land that is modern day Pflugerville and the rest is history. Find out how this German immigrant made such an impact on Austin's history!

Meet The Forefather

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