Pflugerville Moving Guide

Important Pflugerville New Mover Links

If you’re a new Pflugerville mover and don’t know much about the city then this guide is for you! Pflugerville is one of the fastest growing cities in the entire state of Texas and new movers should be excited about what the city offers. However moving to new city, or part of a city you already live in, can be frustrating when you can’t find where anything is and you’re in luck! Sir Austin has put together this guide as a quick overview on where to find important links and popular places. Sir has seen it all and moved it all in the Pflugerville area so he knows what he’s talking about!

Pflugerville Police Department

The Pflguerville police department does just more than protect and serve. They also offer a number of community outreach programs throughout the year that introduces the force to its citizens. Click the link above for more.

Pflugerville Fire Department

Aside from keeping the city safe, the Pflugerville Fire Department also offers classes throughout the year that educate its residents about fire safety. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so make sure you know the basics.

School District

The Pflugerville Independent School District is an award winning school board that is committed to the success of its students. They offer a number of different ways for parents to interact with their children’s teachers.

Pflugerville Utilities

Having to remember to pay your utility bill is the worst. That’s why the Pflugerville utility department offers a number of differnt auto-pay options to its residents. Aside from that the website also publishes billing schedules.

Trash And Recycling

As we all know, trash stinks! But paying your bill doesn’t have to be with the many auto-pay options the agency offers. The Pflugerville trash & recycling center make sure that your trash pickup is a seamless as it can be.

Parks And Recreation

The Pflugerville Parks & Rec depart manage an expansive set of public parks and places that are fun for the whole family, from paddling down Lake Pflugerville to shooting some hoops at the recreation center!

Pflugerville City Council

The Pflugerville City Council is in charge of setting rules and regulations for the city, hearing public concerns and making sure Pflugerville is one of the best ran cities in Austin. Follow the link above to visit their website.

Pflugerville Public Library

The Pflugerville Public Library offers more then just an amazing archive of information, they also offer family-friendly events throughout the year, not to mention a number of different book clubs for all you book worms out there!

Popular Places In Pflugerville

Moving around the city of Pflugerville Sir Austin has discovered a number of popular places to visit. Pflugerville is rich with history and trust us, Sir hangs out with Henry Pfluger Jr! If you haven’t learned about the story of Henry Pfluger and how Pflugerville was formed then you’ll want to check it out. The last thing you want to do is go to a party in the area and not know about the Pfluger family! The next thing you’ll want to do is become familiar with the Pflugerville hot spots. Don’t look like a Pville new mover, know your roots! Below are some popular Pflugerville places to see and be seen!

Lake Plugerville

Lake Pflugerville is defintely the most popular lake in the Pflugerville Parks and Rec Portfolio that they manage.

PFarmers Market

Want to buy the freshest produce around and also support Pflugerville farmers at the same time? Then the PFarmers market is for you!


Kidfish is a family-friendly event that is held by the parks and rec department that is an entire day fishing fun for the whole family.

Music In The Park

Music In The Park is an annual event that is fun for the whole family and showcases some great musicians that is completely free to attend.

PForty Trail Challenge

The PForty trail challenge is a call for all Pflugerville residents to explore the miles of trails that the city manages and explore the outdoors.

Pflugerville Rec Center

The Pflugerville Recreation Center is a great place to visit for all you active types. It has everything from basketball to basket weaving.

Pflugerville Public Pools

Pflugerville has a number of different public pools and aquatic programs that will keep you cool during the hot Austin summers.

Classes and Programs

The Pflugerville Parks and Rec Dept offer a number of different classes throughout the year that will keep you busy learning year around.

Pflugerville Rental Facilities

Looking for cheap facility rentals to throw your next birthday or graduation party? Then look no further because these facilities are first class.

Pflugerville Parks

Pflugerville has almost an endless amount of parks to visit that are spread out all over the city. Click the link above to explore them all.

Pflugerville Events

The Pflugerville Parks and Rec Department host a number of family-friendly events throughout the year that are sure to be crowd pleasers.

Skate Spot

Sir Austin has loved skateboarding ever since he learned how to ollie. Skate or die bro! Wait, are the kids still saying that these days?

Welcome To Pflugerville Video

Below is a cool introduction video to the city of Pflugerville that hits a lot of the high points. Check it out for a quick introduction to what the city is all about!