Packing Services

Sir Austin Teaches A Class At ACC Titled 'Poetry In Packing', You'll Never Look At Packing A Box The Same Way!

Packing Services

The perfect pack will go unnoticed but the poor pack can wreak havoc. This is one of Sir Austin's favorite mottos and words he lives by.


Planning for packing a house might seem like a menial task but it's an important one. Having a broad construct for what's going where is very important.


After you're packing plan is completed the next step is to pack your belongings. If we're doing the unpacking also, you save time and money because we use reusable containers!


The most frustrating part of a move can be not knowing where something is. However we not only label but also group, so you can pinpoint your items quickly.


Whether using our reusable containers or cardboard boxes the same holds true, pack for the stack. The transportation process is where the damages can happen.


If we're packing and unpacking you essentially get the unpack for free because we pack in reusable containers. It's a huge money saver vs building & paying for cardboard boxes.


The final step after we unpack everything is to stage your new home exactly how you want it to be. We won't leave until everything is perfect and you're ready for your new stage!

Packing Process

Our team is a world class group of packing perfectionists. Please don't blame them, they learned it from Sir.

Protect Properly

The most important part of packing is protecting. A poorly protected pack can not only crush boxes but also crush your stuff. That's why we properly protect everything that we pack.

Pack For The Stack

One of Sir's favorite sayings regarding packing is "pack for the stack" meaning that we pack your belongings in such a way to anticipate the moving phase, in other words we pack tightly!

Shrink Wrap If Needed

A lot of times when we're packing a house we come across things that might spill in transit (think a plastic container that holds a bunch of different lipsticks). That's when you shrink.

Label And Group

It's not just enough to label during a move, we also group as well. The combination of the two will ensure that you know the general vicinity of where any item is located.

Stack Accordingly

Most moving companies stack their trucks at random but we stack by room, meaning that we pad and protect the room and stack the boxes with the furniture, it's much more organized.

The Unpacking Process

Unpacking a properly packed move is simple. All you have to do is deliver the stacked section to the new corresponding room and account for any discrepancies, easy peasy.

Sir's Simple Strategy

Friendly Service

We understand that moving is stressful so we only hire movers with friendly dispositions, then teach them to be the best!

Sound Protocols

It might seem like a mindless endevour but there is a big difference between a professional move and amateur hour.

Train, Train, Train

Every move is different, ripe with potential logistical snags. We train, train, train and then send our movers out into the wild.


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