Packing Tips For Your Next Move

How To Pack House Guide

If there is one thing that Sir Austin knows it’s house packing. Follow the steps in this post to ensure a headache free pack. The first thing you want to do is keep clothes on hangers in a wardrobe boxes or place them in your suitcase with the hangers still attached for fast unpacking. Leave a little string hanging out at the end of the tape. This will allow you to yank the string and rip up the tape when you’re unpacking. Leave your clothing in drawers. Wrap the top with shrink wrap to keep everything in place until you reach your new home. Pack boxes by room. Knowing what box belongs in which room negates the need to go searching for items in other boxes.

Pack Rugs

Have any area rugs professionally cleaned. They will return from the cleaners rolled, wrapped, and ready to be unpacked. Pack an overnight bag with anything you’ll want immediately. Put moving essentials in a clear plastic box for easy access. Take a picture of how your electronics are connected before unplugging to remember what goes where. For bigger objects like tables or beds, keep all the screws and nails in a labeled plastic sandwich bag for quick assembly. The same goes for TV chords and cables. Instead of spending money on bubble wrap, put socks inside glassware and wrap shirts around delicate objects.

Packing Electronics

Always use anti static packing bubbles or popcorn. Using materials that will conduct electricity could damage your electronics during handling. Using a sturdy box or special cartons available for electronics. Remove all CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes or other media from equipment as they can’t tolerate heat. Cover each item with crumpled paper before placing the next item.

Packing Glassware

Use sheets of wrapping paper between nested glasses or cups. Use dish boxes for packing and pack wine glasses singly, don’t nest them. Use liquor cartons, with dividers to pack glasses, cups and stemware. Make bundles of 3-4 nested glasses and roll with wrapping paper as a bundle. Cover the plates with wrapping paper completely before packing. Stack wrapped plates one over another and then re-wrap the entire bundle. Place the bundle of flatware in carton so the plates are standing on edge.

Moving Check Sheet

Additional Packing Tips

Use great quality cartons. Wrap items individually, placing heaviest items on the bottom and lightest items on the top. Pack similar items and sets in the same carton. Seal the carton with 5cm masking tape, ensuring that both the base the top of the carton are securely sealed. Mark each carton with a content description, the room it belongs to and your name. Pack books in small cartons so that they aren’t too heavy to handle. Begin setting aside any important documents such as medical and school records. Notify your change of address with your solicitor, local council, insurance companies and accountant. Arrange the sale of any vehicles that will not be going with you and if renting, notify your landlord.

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