Awesome DIY Packing Hacks For Your Next Move

Packing Hacks

Packing for a move can be a really daunting task. When you’ve got so many things, you are mostly concerned with saving space and organizing all your belongings which can sometimes seem like it’s an impossible thing to do. But it is possible if you know what to do and that’s what this moving guide is all about. Here’s a way for you to hack your packing task and make it easy and more organized.

Packing Wardrobe Box

Packing A Wardrobe Box

When packing clothes into a wardrobe box just keep the clothes on hangers then put them inside the wardrobe box or into your suitcase. Keeping clothes attached with the hanger makes it easy and faster for you to unpack. When it comes to packing your things in boxes, make sure that there’s a little string left hanging at the end of your tape. Doing so will help in your unpacking as you only have to yank the string and the tape on the boxes will be ripped out.

Packing Clothes In Drawers

In packing clothing that are in drawers, just leave them be. To make sure the clothes won’t be a mess afterwards, you can wrap the top of the drawer with shrink wrap. This way, you can make sure that all your clothes inside the drawer will be in place until you reached your new home.

Pack Boxes By Room

To keep all your things organized, make sure that all your boxes are packed by room. This makes it easy for you to know which of the boxes belong to a particular room. Do this, and you won’t be searching here and there for items in every box when you begin unpacking.

Packing Area Rugs

In unpacking area rugs, an easy trick is to have it professionally cleaned. When they return your rugs, they’re all rolled, neatly wrapped and ready for you to pack as is.

Packing Area Rug

TV Cords, Cables, Screws and Nails

For the tables, beds and bigger objects, it’s a good idea to keep their screws and nails on a labeled and tightly sealed plastic bag. The same can be done on items like cables and TV cords so to keep them in one place.

How To Pack Electronics

When it comes to electronics that you need to disassemble, you can take a picture of how they are connected before you unplugged them. This way, you can remember just how you are going to connect them again. Make sure to take a few different pictures!

Packing The Essentials

When moving essentials, it’s a good idea to put them in a clear plastic box. This way it will be easy for you to get whatever you need at any moment. At the same time, it will also keep your essentials organized and kept in one place.

Glassware and Delicate Objects

For glassware and delicate objects, you can simply wrap shirts around them to protect them from breaking. This is much simpler and cheaper than spending your money on bubble wrap.

Overnight Bag

During the move, it’s a great idea to pack an overnight bag. With all your things packed in boxes, you cannot easily get access to what you need. So instead, think about what you’ll possibly need and keep them in an overnight bag for easy access.

Must Try Packing Hacks

Here’s some packing hacks on YouTube we found, this is some great advice!