What Is Your Packing Process?

Packing Box Calculator

We have two separate packing processes and which one is employed will depend on the move in question. The first process, and our personal favorite, is to do all packing in our plastic reusable containers. However utilizing this method will depend on a couple questions. Is this a long distance move? Are we doing the unpacking as well as the packing? If you’re doing the unpacking will you be finished quickly? (we obv have a finite number of containers). Are your belongings going to storage? Generally speaking we prefer the reusable option but it’s not always feasible. Read on to find out all about our packing process.

Traditional Packing

The only difference between our traditional and reusable packing options is whether we use cardboard boxes or our resuable plastic containers. The boxes both get packed the same way. With the traditional options we wrap and stack your boxes according to how fragile each item is. For instance we pack a China Hutch much differently than we would pack a closet. If you’re items are fragile then stacking the boxes correctly is also very important.

Packing Boxes Sizes

Reusable Packing Containers

Our reusable packing options is much more eco-friendly also much faster. A lot of time in packing a house goes to actually building boxes. Some closets need seven to eight wardrobes a piece and breaking out a box and taping it down each time, takes time. However because we have a finite amount of reusable packing boxes we can only use this option in a couple different scenarios. The moves in which we can use these containers are when we 1) Are doing the unpacking for you. 2) You’ll be doing the unpacking right away and we won’t need them for another move during the duration or 3) You wish to buy the containers from us so you can have them to organize your stuff yourself (in this case we sell the boxes to you at our cost.)

No Cardboard Packing