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Moving To North Austin

Sir Austin knows North Austin, it's his stomping grounds!
Here's a bunch of important links and popular places to visit for new movers.

Police Department

The Austin Police Department serves and protects North Austin and their website stresses that if its an emergency, dial 911 but the APD does much more than just respond to emergency calls, check out their website for more information.

Fire Department

The Austin Fire Department is charged with keeping the residents of North Austin safe from fire related emergencies but they too offer a number of fire safety classes throughout the year that will up your families fire safety IQ.

Utility Services

New North Austin movers will be wondering about utility services and the Austin Utility Department handles everything to do with your utilities. From auto-pay to rate and scheduling information, if it's regarding utilities this is where to start.

School District

If your children will be attending public school, residents of North Austin are under the Austin Independent School District. Here you can find information about schools, school directories and much, much more.

Trash And Recycling

Even if you're new to North Austin I'm sure we don't have to tell you that trash stinks! But paying your bill and learning about scheduling information doesn't have to be. Click the link above for more info on trash & recycling.

Parks And Recreation

North Austin has some amazing public parks and public places. If you're moving to North Austin and don't know much about the terrain then the Austin Parks & Rec Department has you covered. They publish a directory of every public place in Austin.

City Council

North Austinites who want to get involved with local government are encouraged to visit the Austin City Council's website. There are a number of ways to make your voice heard, visit the link above for more info.

Planning And Permits

North Austin building codes fall under the Austin Planning & Zoning Department and can be very stringent so if you're moving to North Austin and are thinking about remodeling your new home then this is the place to start.

Public Library

The Austin Public Library has a number of branches in North Austin that offer a bunch of different educational services. From job training to book clubs, the Austin Public Library is an awesome public resource you should be visiting!

$1,000 REWARD

For the capture of Sam Bass

Sir Austin is a HUGE history buff and no other story regarding North Austin's history has capivated him more than the Saga of Sam Bass! After a successful stint at a number of legitimate businesses, the outlaw ended up turning to a life of crime and pulling off one of the biggest train robbieries in history at the time, with a band of characters that Hollywood couldn't have created! Experience the saga that is Sam Bass!

The Saga Of Sam Bass

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The Sir Austin Way

We follow a set formula on every move we complete and we stick to our processes religiously.
This is just an overview so if you want to drill down then head over to Sir's blog!

Planning Your Move

The perfect move starts out with the perfect plan. As the adage goes, those who don't plan, plan to fail and moving is no different. Sir Austin's a knight so he's always ONGUARD!

Packing Properly

Packing a box properly might seem like a mindless task but if done wrong, you can cause serious damage to your boxes and your belongings.

Padding and Protecting

Sir would never take shortcuts when it comes to padding and protecting your furniture and neither would any member of The A-Team. We pad and protect everything.

Stacking and Moving

The perfect analogy to draw regarding stacking a truck is that it truly is like a game of Tetris. Lucky for you Sir Austin is a Tetris GRAND master!

Unpacking and Staging

If you don't pack a moving truck properly then be prepared for a chaotic unpacking. That's why Sir meticulously labels and inventories all of your belongings.

Finalizing Your Move

After we've successfully unpacked and staged your new home we then go the extra mile to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your move. Wash dishes, mop the floor, no problem!

North Austin Popular Places

If you're moving to North Austin then you probably won't know what's family-frienly to do in the area
but don't worry, Sir has you covered! Here's a few of the coolest places to visit in North Austin.

BMX And Skatepark

The Heath Eiland Skatepark is a great place to visit if you're a new North Austin mover that has an aspiring future Tony Hawk.

Disc Golf Course

The Wells Branch Disc Golf Course is the jewel of North Austin courses and a must visit for anyone moving to North Austin that loves disc golf.

Walnut Creek Public Pool

The Walnut Creek Public Pool is an awesome place to cool down on those hot summer days for anyone that is moving to North Austin.

Balcones District Park

The Balcones District Park is a beautiful park that is a must visit for any new North Austin mover. It has some of the best views in all of North Austin!

North Austin Library

The North Austin Public Library is an awesome place to visit for all you bookworms out there that are new North Austin movers.

Republic Of Texas Museum

The Republic Of Texas Museum is a must visit for anyone moving to North Austin that wants to learn more about how our republic was founded.

Avery Ranch Golf Course

The Avery Ranch Golf Course is one of the premeire courses in all of Austin. Perfect for any new North Austin mover that is looking to play.

North Austin Senior Center

The North Austin Senior Center is a great place to visit for all senior citizens that are moving to North Austin and want to live an active life.

Pinballz Arcade

Pinballz Arcade is a great place to visit for anyone moving to North Austin that loves the nostalgia of playing pinball.

Pump It Up

Pump it up is a great place to have kids birthday parties and is a must visit for anyone moving to North Austin with kids.

Austin Aquarium

The Austin Aquarium in a new North Austin movers underwater paradise that will be sure to be fun for your little future marine biologist!

Top Golf North Austin

Top Golf in North Austin is a golfers paradise for anyone that is moving to North Austin and wants to hit some balls in a cool atmosphere.


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