Moving to Austin? Meet Our Forefather!

In his quest to become the premier moving company in Austin Texas Sir has delved into the history of the city and found that the founder was a commoner like himself. Stephen F. Austin was born of modest means in a mining town just outside of Virginia in what is modern day Austinville. Stephen was the second child that was born to Moses Austin and Mary Brown Austin. Whenever Stephen was 4 years old his family moved him to what is current day Potosi Missouri. After living in the region for a time his family sent Stephen to be educated in a preparatory school in Colchester, Connecticut. He began studying to be a lawyer at the young age of 21 and he also served in the Missouri Territory legislature.

Excerpt From Stephen F Austin’s Diary

After loosing most of his money in a bank panic in 1819, Austin decided to move south to the Arkansas Territory and he bought some property in the area that is currently the Little Rock area. After purchasing the land he soon found out that the area was being considered for a new capital area and he sold his share for a considerable fortune. Shortly after selling his land, Stephen F Austin decided to run for congress and declared his candidacy. Because of a late entry dispute he wasn’t able to get on the ballot in a number of counties, essentially sealing his defeat. However even with the election snafu he still was able to place 2nd out of a race of 6 other candidates. The courts later ruled against him and he lost claim to the land that made up Little Rock.

Moses Austin

A story of almost biblical proportion, Austin’s father, Moses Austin, received a grand from the Spanish government to bring 300 families with him, known as “The Old 300”, to the territory of Texas. After contracting pneumonia soon after returning from Texas, Austin’s father Moses Austin died, leaving his estate to his son. Although Austin didn’t want to carry on his fathers legacy at first he soon began to embrace the role and managed his fathers estate with great efficiency.

Jose Antonio Navarro

Austin soon after developed a friendship with a man by the name of Jose Antonio Navarro, who both spoke Spanish and was trained in Mexican law. Navarro was an ambitious person who used Austin’s connections to get funding for various business venture that were wildly successful. After a long history in Texas politics Stephen F Austin was eventually rewarded with the awesome gift of having the new Capital of Texas named after him. Many years later Austin still relishes in its rebellious past.

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