Best DIY Moving Tips On Pinterest

Best Pinterest Moving Tips

DIY Moving Tips and Tricks Found On Pinterest

Whenever going on a DIY move you want to make sure that you get the best moving advice you can possible. This moving guide catalogs the best moving advice that Pinterest has to offer. In case you’re not aware Sir Austin is a huge Pinterest fan and just loves searching the website for cool new moving guides. This graphic shows some great advice for all you DIY movers out there and even if your hiring a moving company, it’s still a good refresher course on moving in general. Moving is a huge pain and can add stress and hassle to you and your family. But having an effective plan, along with simple tricks and tips can greatly help you in the end. This moving guide walks you through the best moving tips that are available on Pinterest.

Organize Your Move

Organize Your Move

  • Start Early- It is true that moving is a time-consuming process. Nothing will make your move more stressful than running out of time. It is highly recommended to start early so that you can go at your own pace.
  • Create a Moving Binder– Use a moving binder to keep track of everything such as important documents, checklist, receipts and estimates that you might need during the move.
  • Find a Crew – Depending on whether it’s a long distance move or not, your budget and the size of your home, you might choose to move yourself, gather relatives and friends or hire a mover.

Pack Your Move

  • Cut the cost of Moving Supplies- A lot of stores will give you their inventory boxes for free. Don’t pack your towels, sheets and blankets. They are great to use as padding between huge items and for wrapping décor and furniture. It is also best to wrap your breakables in garments to save on bubble wrap.
  • Label Everything– It’s important to label all  sides of boxes and not the top of the box itself (although you can obviously go the extra step if you want to). By doing this, you can easily identify them even if they are stacked.
  • Color Code by Room– Make use of different colored tape, stickers and markers to label boxes for each room. Using colors makes it easy to spot boxes for a specific room even if they don’t stay together during the move.
  • Cut down on Boxes– Cut down on boxes by using all suitcases, hampers, laundry bins and basket. You can use your wheeled luggage for heavy items.

Get Smart About Your Move

Get Smart About Your Move

  • Fragile– Use red marker or brightly colored stickers to indicate the boxes that have fragile items.
  • Protect your Glasses– Make a masking tape X across framed artwork and mirrors. While this trick won’t avoid shattering, it will certainly absorb shock.
  • Not too heavy- Try to keep a per box weight of 50 pounds or less to make the moving faster and easier.
  • Wrap the Furniture- When you are moving anything with drawers or doors, wrap them with plastic to secure them. This can eliminate the use of tape which can damage furniture and at the same time avoid scratches.
  • Take Inventory- Make a complete list of your things as you pack and categorize them room by room. This will greatly help you to easily identify the items that encounter damage during the move.

Get Moving!

With the help of the tricks and tips in this moving guide, you can be sure that you can successfully handle any move from the smallest apartments to the biggest houses.

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