A Moving Experience: The Austin Piano Festival

Everyone knows Sir Austin’s passion for moving pianos stems from his love of the piano itself and he wanted to highlight a really cool Austin non-profit that is dedicated to teaching the next generation of up and coming Beethoven’s! The Austin Piano Festival was founded in 2012 with a singular mission of bringing Austin front and center with some of the best piano players in the world. The festivals director Matt McLaughlin, an accomplished piano player himself, has been working hard to make The Austin Piano Festival a premiere event in Austin.

About The Austin Piano Festival

Austin Piano Festival

The Austin Piano Festival is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is committed to making Austin the place to be for an up and coming piano player. Seeing how Austin is in fact the live music capitol of the world it would only seem fitting! Outside of the yearly concert series, the organization is dedicated to educating the best and the brightest that Austin has to offer on a yearly basis. Their educational programs extend well beyond the yearly concert series that the organization puts on and includes other programs such as solo piano competitions, random performing opportunities, master classes and mentoring by some of the most accomplished pianists that Austin has to offer.

Young Artist Piano Program

Austin Piano Festival Teacher

The organization offers a number of exciting programs throughout the year including an award winning set of Master Classes that the foundation offers, numerous public preforming opportunities and an opportunity to learn from some of the best piano performers in Austin. The masterclass series that The Austin Piano Festival offers gives young pianists an opportunity to play right along side other giants of the piano playing world. What a cool program!

The Piano Competition

The festival will be holding its next solo competition in the Fall of 2017, although Sir wishes they held the competition monthly! The details for the festival will be posted on their website. Aside from the cash prizes, winners of the competition may also be selected for the festivals masterclass program, a distinguished nod for sure. The winners will then learn from and play alongside some of the best pianists in the world. The winners will also have the chance of guest performing on the the radio through KMFA 89.5.

Volunteering At The Austin Piano Festival

Volunteers Needed Austin Piano Festival

If you’d like to volunteer for the The Austin Piano Festival then your help would be greatly appreciated. The festival even published a number of ways you can volunteer according to your skill set or area of interest. As the website states:

“Whatever you do, we can use it. E-mails, writing, designing, scheduling, jack-of-all-trades, bookkeeping, law advice, accounting advice, promotion, or even just good old-fashioned moral support.”

The festival becomes exponentially better with every additional volunteer added. Therefore Sir wants to put out a good ole fashion cattle call to anyone that loves the piano, make sure you donate to The Austin Piano Festival!