What type of moving equipment do you use?

Moving Company Equipment

The Best Austin moving company deserves the best moving equipment and we use the best in every category. From the best dollies to the best shrink wrap we’ve bent over backwards to search out suppliers that have the best equipment. Not only does this ensure safety of your belongings, it also makes our teams job easier, faster and more efficient. We care deeply about the well being of our employees and we often take surveys when introducing new products into their moving repertoire to see what they think. We pay the best, hire the best and retain the best, who wouldn’t want their opinion about moving???

Professional Moving Equipment

This is a list of common moving equipment that we use during your move. However we also have some really cool products Sir has been creating in the lab but those are to top secret to mention yet!

Moving Pads

It’s important to have padded pads, that might sound funny but the chepo depot ones actually don’t have much padding.

Professional Moving Pads

Professional Moving Tape

Not all tape is created equal, therefore using the right tape for the job is paramount during a move.

Professional Moving Tape

Shrink Wrap

Although one type of shrink wrap will suffice for another, there are major differences between good and bad shrink. The bad stuff can bunch constantly, not be easy to start unrolling, which is a huge time waste, and a number of other bad things that can happen during your move.

Professional Moving Shrink Wrap

Movers Dolly

We use the best dollies so it helps our crew out as much as possible.

Professional Moving Dolly

4 Wheel Mover Dollies

Each four wheel dolly has a 1000 lb moving capacity.

Floor Moving Dolly

More Moving Equipment Coming soon…

Stay tuned because we have more cool custom moving equipment coming soon!