Moving In Austin With Pets? Check Out This Guide First!

Pet Carrier Case

Moving With Pets 101

Traveling with a pet is another excellent option to have a truly unforgettable and happy traveling experience. But, the process of actually getting where you’re going can be a headache if you haven’t thought it all the way through. Traveling together with your pet can be a little tedious, particularly when it is your first time to do it. Whether you’re driving or flying, be sure that you read this entire handy guide. You’ll be happy you did!

What to Include in Your Luggage for Your Pet?

Whether you’ve decided to bring your pet on your holiday trip this year, or you’re making a move, it’s very important to keep in mind that there are things you need to consider and what you really need to consider are your pets needs and not your own. The very first thing you must never forget is the best treatment for tick or flea prevention. Bring it together with any other type of medicine your pet might be taking as of today.

Also, you need to include your pet’s water and food bowls in your baggage. You can bring collapsible water and food bowls. Pick the ones that are leak-proof, long lasting and light. There is also a chance of losing your pet while traveling. In case that your pet gets lost, you need to present a photo of him or her so you can find your pet. Therefore, bring a picture of your pet with you.

Pet Tags

Update Your Pets ID Tags

You also need to bring up to date ID tags for traveling. These must have details on how to get in touch with you while you’re on vacation. Do not forget to bring proper ID and keep the collars with the correct ID at all times. Your pet’s favorite toy must also be included in your list of things to bring.

Bring Your Pets Papers

While preparing all of the things you have to put inside your traveling bag, do not forget the clean-up bags and scoopers. Upon arriving at your destination, you might be asked for some important details about your pet. In this scenario, papers like health certifications will be important.

If you are thinking of putting your pet inside a carrier, you can do so, but just make sure that your pet is comfortable being placed inside the carrier first, if your pet has never been placed inside a carrier it can be a nerve racking experience for them. You can still consider having your pet beside you or on your lap. You just need to be certain that you can control the behavior of your pet in this case.

Additional Pet Moving Tips

  • Ask your veterinarian for any sedating and anti-nausea medicine that can be taken by your pet for a peaceful and trouble-free travel.
  • Before placing your cat or dog inside of a carrier, attach their leash, collar and harness.
  • Bring the usual food you give to your pet and make sure that it is available at your destination.
  • When your dog sleeps with special bedding, make space for such items to make the animal feel at home.
  • Be sure also that you have a medicine kit, seat cover and a handy litter box.


Helpful Tips On Moving With A Dog