Moving A Piano? It’s No Piece Of Cake!

Moving A Piano Guide

Do’s And Dont’s of Moving a Piano

Austin piano movers use a whole host of equipment when moving a piano that might not be known to the DIY piano mover and trust us, it’s no piece of cake! It is no easy task and should never be underestimated or it can lead to serious accidents and no one wants that. With that said, it is important to know the things you need to focus on when completing a DIY piano move and learning a few fundamental tricks of the piano moving trade can only help.

What to do when Moving a Piano

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When moving a piano, which can weigh thousands of pounds, it is important that you take extra precaution. You do not necessarily need muscle power to move a piano but rather you need brain power and a little industry insider knowledge.

To successfully lift the piano, simply tip and lift it to a maximum of two steps, steady  yourself and walk with your back straight to where you want the piano placed.

If you are moving the piano in or out of a truck, it is best to use inclines to make it easier to load the piano. In moving a piano using a ramp, make sure to keep the piano’s keyboard end towards the bottom of the ramp. To avoid a fall and damage to the piano when moving it, be sure to belt it to the truck wall at least twice, three times if you have time. Moreover, make sure that you clear the parking area in advance so that there are no obstructions that could impede your path to the moving truck. Walk the path an initial time and visualize actually moving the piano.

What Not To Do When Moving A Piano

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In moving a piano, there are a few things that you should never do in order to be properly protected. WIt is important that you do not wobble or loose balance. In the first place, you should never pick up the piano on your own. On that note, make sure that when moving the piano you never take more than four low consecutive low steps to make sure it is steady. It is also important that you must not dump the weight to only one person and you should avoid winding and circular stairs, if possible.

For a successful and safe piano move, you need to have with you essentials that you cannot afford to miss. This includes a 4 wheel Piano Dolly, a hump strap, pads and tape, a skidboard and locking piano belts. The most important, of course, is keeping yourself and your baby safe. Sir understands the love a person can have for a piano. If you have time make sure to check out Sir Austin’s 5 favorite pianos.

Piano Facts and Figures

  • The smallest grand piano is about 53 inches long weighing between 5 to 600 pounds.
  • The average medium sized piano has roughly 230 strings.
  • The largest piano in the world is the Challen Concert Grand Piano, created by Challen, which was a well-established name in creating the finest crafted pianos since 1804.
  • Silver, gold, glass and silk were used to make piano strings in the past.
  • There were 41 out of 44 US Presidents that had a personal piano.

Interesting Piano Composer Facts