Do You Have A Mover Training Program?

Mover Training Manual

Absolutely! We have an extensive mover training program and we work on it constantly. We not only have an extensive employee manual that outlines all roles and responsibilities for the entire company we also have a 2 week training program that every employee goes through before going on their first move, no matter how experienced they are. We divide our employee roles into a number of distinct positions and build responsibilities for the roles defined. Below is a brief excerpt of the employee roles we train for.


Mover Positions

Every member of the A-Team is first and foremost a mover and we train from the ground up. Our moving process is extensive and we don’t let anyone go on moves without completing the entire 2 week program, no matter how experienced a mover they are. Sir Austin has a very specific way of doing things and we follow his processes religiously.


The lead is the point man during your move. He is the head liaison to the customer moving and the main contact point. The lead is responsible for how the move goes from start to finish.


Trainers are focused on training all new hires. We strive for a 0% turnover rate so we are working on the same employees, teaching more and more advanced topics.

LD Team

Our Austin long distance mover team focuses on interstate moves outside of Texas. Long Distance moves are the most logistically challenging moves and our LD Team is as sharp as it gets!


Management is broken down into a number of internal divisions that have various roles and responsibilities based on the division in question. We play to our employees strengths and there is no hierarchical structure, every manager is on the same level.