How Does Long Distance Moving Differ From Local Moving?

Long Distance Moving Comparison

When hiring an Austin long distance moving company you want to make sure of a few things. For starters, interstate movers have to carry a different kind of insurance to move someone out of state and you want to make sure that at least the moving company you are thinking about hiring has the basics covered. Moving long distances can be a logistical challenge that is ripe with potential snags for inexperienced movers. Follow this guide to acclimated with how long distance and local moves differ.

Planning a Long Distance Move

Planning Interstate Move

The first major way that local and long distance moves differ is in the planning phase. If your mover forgets something during a local move no biggie, they can go across town and retrieve the item(s) that they forgot, with a long distance move not so much. That’s why planning your interstate move should include a thorough checklist of what to do at every phase. Forgetting a precious family heirloom can be extra stressful when you can’t drive across town to retrieve it. This is just one scenario that can serious chaos during your move and trust us, it’s just one!

Interstate Moving Icon

Another major factor that is different between the two types of moves is how you secure your cargo. While an across town move may allow the moving company to ‘float the truck’ (the difference of ‘stacking a truck’), you can’t do that for a long distance move. The distances are too long and your items are guaranteed to shift in transit. Whenever preparing for a long haul you have to not only stack the truck tightly, but also be assured that nothing will shift along the road.

Specialized Movers

At Sir Austin Movers we have an entire specialized long distance moving team that handles all our long hauls. Not only are they our most experienced movers, they’re also our most professional movers. Long distance moves are often multi day affairs that require extra attention to detail and having an unprofessional staff on the job is out of question for our local Austin moves, much less moves that are happening over several days and thousands of miles. Trust us when we say, Sir Austin is in it for the long haul!