Shipwrecked Soldiers

Sir Austin Salutes All The Long Distance Moving
Soldiers That Graced The Decks Of These Ships!

Long Distance Mover Salute

Long distance moving can be a hazardous affair, especially when moving cargo by ship! Sir Austin has love for all his moving brothers in arms and wanted to salute those maritime warriors who have had mishaps happen on the wide seas. If you know Sir then you'll know his passion for massive moving mechanics but you might not know his love of treasure hunting. He likes to think of himself as a Mel Fisher of the moving industry, finding and excavating moving treasures inside his customers homes. Don't ask us, that's just Sir! Please enjoy this photo gallery of Sir Austin's favorite shipwreck photos.

5 Biggest Shipwreck Discoveries In History

In treasure hunting there is a saying ‘to the explorer goes the spoils’ and boy did the finders of these discoveries enjoy in the spoils! Although there are still a countless number of hauls out there that would be valued exponentially higher than these finds, these are the current biggest hauls in history thus far. But this list is only temporary because when Sir retires he’s vowed to buy a ship and discover the world’s greatest unfound treasures. If only he didn’t have a day job of showing Austin what a true moving experience looks like, if only…

5. The Diamond Shipwreck (Not fully valued yet)

The Diamond Shipwreck

Believe it or not, one of the largest treasure discoveries didn’t even take a ship to find! It was discovered on a beach off the coast of Africa by the De Beers company and was buried deep in the sand. The lucky geologists who found the find were stunned when they realized what they had. Aside from finding the treasure itself they also discovered the ship that carried the cargo, along with 6 intact cannons, over 22 ingots, swords and a number of other priceless treasures. The ship was flying under a Portuguese flag at the time of sinking and was dated to happen around 1533.

4. The British Treasury Ship – $200 million

British Treasury Ship Shipwreck Treasure

The S.S. Garisoppa is the biggest treasure discovery by sheer weight. The ship was sunk after taking a direct his from a German U-boat in 1941 and was carrying over 7 million ounces of silver. However it wasn’t until 2012 that the discovery was unsurfaced and let’s just say it was a heavy haul! The find was valued at over $200 million, Sir is SOOO mad we weren’t hired to move the cargo!

3. The Whydah Gally – $400 million

Whydah Gally Shipwreck Treasure

This is one of Sir Austin’s favorite findings for sure! The Whydah Gally was a pirate ship that was commanded by one of the richest pirates in history! Captain “Black Sam” Bellamy was the infamous captain that lived above the law for a number of years before his time finally came to receive a Davy Jones locker of his own! This find keeps getting better over time as explorers find artifacts that the ship threw overboard while sinking. Scattered treasures, it reminds Sir of hitting a pinata and watching all the cool candy fly!

2. The Atocha Motherlode – $450 million

Atocha Motherlode Shipwreck Treasure

This treasure discovery was said to be so heavy that it took over 2 months to move! If there is one thing that Sir Austin knows it’s moving and he’s actually been on a couple moves that were so logistically challenging that they took over 2 weeks to complete. But 2 months to complete? Sir really wants to see this movers process papers, he’s thinking we might have been able shave off like a whole month off this move!

1. The Black Swan Project – $500 million

Black Swan Project Shipwreck Treasure

The Black Swan Project should be renamed as the white dove project for the finders of the treasure. As the world’s largest valued treasure that has ever been found this booty has had a number of people and entities lay claim to the haul. Valued at over $500 million this discovery was the find of all times. So much booty and so little places to spend it!

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