What Is Your Long Distance Moving Process?

Long Distance Movers Manual
Plan Long Distance Move

Most long distance moving companies in Austin have vague processes outlined regarding their interstate moves, but not Sir Austin! We treat all our processes as living documentation and we are constantly working on them. Even though our processes are constantly being updated, we do follow an overarching framework. Below is a brief look at how our long distance mover manual is organized at a high level.

Plan, Plan, Plan…Then Move

Long distance moves require a lot more planning than local Austin moves. Logistically speaking, a lot less can go wrong with a move across town than a move across country. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail and failure is NOT an option for Sir!

Pack For The Stack

The next step in the process is to pack the packable, while remembering to also pack for the long haul stack. Stacking a moving truck for an interstate move is much more involved than stacking for a local move. Often times you can ‘float’ a truck for a local move, meaning you can down stack the truck but not for a long haul, everything has to be stacked tightly.

Make The Move

Make The Move

Once the truck is stacked and secured, it’s time to make the move. We have a number of moving checklists that can help you dot your i’s and cross your t’s when tying up loose ends. Things like turning off your electricity, notifying the proper government agencies, etc.

Go The EXTRA Mile

Our job is not done until your new house is staged to your liking. Move this here and that there, no there, no here…NO PROBLEM! Your wish is Sir’s command!