Our residential moving team specializes in house, condo and apartment moving

  • Houses

    The main difference between moving a house and and an apartment has to do with loading conditions, that's why Sir scopes the scene first!

  • Apartments

    Loading conditions are the biggest concern you'll have when moving an apartment, that's why the initial walk-through is so important.

  • Condos

    Moving a condo is a lot like moving an apartment unless it's a high rise. If an elevator is involved staging the move becomes paramount.

  • Extractions

    A lot of times we aren't moving the entire house but rather are moving just one or two rooms, we'll extract your stuff with pinpoint precision.

  • Storage

    We offer a number of different storage solutions and have partners for just about every storage scenario that you could possibly come up with.


Sir Austin roles out the red carpet for his residential moving customers!


The planning phase is everything when it comes to residential moves. The last thing you want to do is answer the same questions a hundred times.


Packing a box might seem like a mindless task but if done wrong it can cause serious damage to your belongings. The process is ripe with potential snags for the newbie mover.


After everything has been packed the next step is to pad and protect your furniture. The A-Team is trained in the art of kinetics, we move with a purpose!


Once everything is packed, padded and protected the next step is to stack it in the truck. This is probably the most important part because it's also where most mistakes happen.


Upon arriving at your new destination we do a quick walk through and start getting busy. Because we've planned the entire move out we'll already know what's going where.


The final phase (and SIr's personal favorite) is staging your new home exactly how you like it. Move this here and that there, no problem, you're wish is Sir's command!


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