How Do You Label Boxes For A Move?

Label Boxes For Move

The first thing we do is draw a quick sketch of the home you’re moving from. Then we draw a quick sketch of the home you’re moving to, and label each room. We then append a 1 to your old home and 2 to your new home. If any rooms have a 1 to 1 correspondence the process is easy. Kitchen 1 represents your old kitchen and kitchen 2 becomes your new kitchen. Easy peasy.

Stacking Boxes For Move

Stacking Organization

Once your house is packed, we then stack the truck, organized by room. All boxes for Kitchen 2 are placed together, as are the rest of the rooms, according to the new rooms that is. This makes¬†unpacking organized and orderly. Having an organized packing process prevents against an unorganized unpacking. If you’ve ever moved before and had to answer a million questions about where stuff goes you’ll already know about the headache it can be. But that would never happen on Sir Austin’s watch!

Labeling For Split Moves

Often times we go on residential moves where belongings in the house are going to completely different places. In the case of these types of moves we have an additional, color coordinated, labeling system that helps us label for the split.

It’s best for these types of moves to label everything before the move, and label everything down to the smallest items. That way it removes any ambiguity about what’s going where. We then attach colored stickers on every item, usually during the initial walk trough. After every item is labeled, we then follow the same packing process of labeling and grouping.

Upset Mover

Save Yourself The Aggravation

This process might seem simplistic but it works. Many Austin moving companies don’t have a labeling process at all and anyone who has moved before knows, answering a million questions multiple times is aggravating. The last thing Sir Austin want’s to do is aggravate his customers, that’s why he’s so process crazy!