How To Pack A House Like A Pro

Pack Like A Pro Guide

Effective Tips on How to Pack like a Pro

Packing your belongings to move your house can be a daunting task if you’re not hiring a professional packing service. It’s not until the time comes to start the packing process that you realize how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. Don’t worry though; there are effective tips you can follow to take the stress out of packing!

Packing Books Properly

Packing Books Tips

  • The first thing that you need to do is to stand books on their ends.
  • Second, fill the box to the top in order to avoid crushing the top of the box.
  • Third, pack your books in small boxes since they tend to be very heavy. This will also aid in organization, especially if you’re using and unpacking service.

Packing Clothes Tips

  • When packing your clothes, the first thing to do is to fold clothing into garment bags and suitcases.
  • Second, use garbage to cover your packed clothes.
  • Third, you must pack the delicate items in luggage and save sturdier things such as sweaters and shirts for boxes.
  • Always remember that huge boxes can be used to pack folded clothes.
  • You can also use wardrobe boxes to hang your clothes that you can’t fold.

Packing Kitchen Tips

  • It is highly recommended to use dish pack boxes for packing fragile glassware and china.
  • It is important to line the bottom of the box with crushed paper before packing.
  • You should cover the plates completely with wrapping paper before packing.
  • Stack the wrapped plates one over the other and then re-wrap the whole bundle.
  • Place the bundle of flatware in a carton to make sure that the plates are standing on edge.

Packing Glassware

Packing Glassware Tips

  • When packing cups or glasses, it is recommended to use wrapping paper between the nested cups or glasses.
  • It is also recommended to use dish-boxes for packing.
  • Pack your wine glasses singly. Don’t nest them.
  • Use your liquor cartons with dividers to pack stemware, cups and glasses.
  • Always remember that glasses and cups maybe nested one placed inside another.
  • Make bundles of 3-4 nested glasses and roll with wrapping paper as a bundle.

Utensils, Pans and Pots Packing Tips

  • When packing utensil, wrap spoons and forks together with packing paper.
  • Pack them in a medium-sized box.
  • Keep 1-2 sets of utensils out for times of need.

Lampshades and Lamps Packing Tips

  • When packing lampshades and lamps, sturdy cartons like dish-packs should be used.
  • Line the bottom of the box with crushed paper before packing.
  • Cover lamps completely with rolls before packing.
  • Remove bulb and lamp shades and wrap cord around the base of the lamp.
  • Always remember that lampshades should be nested.
  • Don’t pack anything with your lampshades.

Tips for Packing Electronics

  • Always make use of antistatic packing popcorn or bubbles.
  • Use a special carton or sturdy box that is available for electronics.
  • Remove all VHS tapes, DVDs, CDs and other media from equipment as they can’t tolerate heat.
  • Cover each item with crumpled paper before placing the other.
  • Place the biggest piece of equipment on the bottom.
  • Fill empty spaces in the box with packing peanuts or crumpled paper to avoid any movement.

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