How To Move A Pool Table

Moving A Pool Table Properly

If you are looking to move a pool table in Austin then this article is for you. There are many steps to complete a proper pool table move and Sir Austin has seen it all and moved it all. Pool tables are often large items that can weigh several thousand pounds when assembled and that’s why taking your pool table apart the right way is of paramount importance. There are many parts and if done incorrectly, you can scratch and/or damage your table. Read on to find out how to disassemble and reassemble your pool table properly.

There are many makes and models of pool tables and no two tables will be the same. However there are similarities among pool tables and knowing how each part is generally built will give you a good framework to work with. If you are thinking of moving your own pool table and find this process daunting then be sure to give us a call!

Make sure you have the correct tools

Disassembling a pool table is not a hard task if you know what you are doing and have the correct tools. Have the proper tools to execute any job is extremely important and disassembling a pool table is no different. You’ll need a bunch of different screwdrivers, both flathead and Phillips. You’ll need an assortment of wrenches and moving pads that you can use to wrap the various parts of your pool table with once the disassemble is complete.

Disassemble The Pockets

Every pool table has pockets that you hit the balls into and they need to be disassembled first. Find the screws (sometimes staples) that are holding the pockets in place and carefully unscrew them. Make sure you have a number of ziplock bags handy and once all pockets are unscrewed place them in a bag along with the pockets themselves.

Unattach The Siderails

Whenever moving a pool table you want to do it in parts and the next step is to remove the side rails. Most pool tables are built with side rails that can detach from the pool table. How you do this will depend on your table but once you’ve disassembled your pockets then the screws that are holding in your side rails should be exposed. Make sure you wrap and protect the rails right after removing them so they wont get damaged.

Remove The Pool Tables Felt

How you remove the felt from a table will again depend on your model. Some felt is actually glued on to a board that is then screwed on to your pool table, usually from the bottom. Once you have removed the pockets and side rails you will be able to get a better idea of how the felt it attached. Once removed, make sure to pad and protect the felt for the move.

Take Up The Pool Table Slab

When moving a pool table, securing and moving the tables slab is the hardest part because it’s usually the heaviest part of the table. If the slab is all in one piece (they usually are) then you can just pad and protect the one single slab, if there is more than one piece then you’ll have to remove each piece individually.

Remove The Pool Table Legs

The last step in a pool table move is removing the legs from the table. Once you’ve completed all the above tasks then you be able to see how the legs are attached. 99% of the time the legs screw into the table but every once in a while they are attached to the slab. If this is the case then you have to move the pool table as is because it’s all one piece

Reassembling Your Pool Table

If you’ve followed the above steps then reassembling your pool table will be a piece of cake. Simply reverse the disassembly process and everything should be as it was before the move. One of the things to remember is to take pictures at every part of the process so that you can have a visual reference for each step when reassembling your pool table.

As we’ve seen, moving a pool table is a doable process if you follow this simple article. If however you find any part of the process to much and are looking for a professional pool table moving company then be sure to give us a call!

Disassembling A Pool Table