History Of The Moving Company

History Of Moving Companies

Whenever you think about a moving company you normally think about a few guys, packaging a truck up with your belongings and driving off. However it hasn’t always been such a cut and dry proposition as Wikipedia explains it. Migration, thus moving, has been something people have been doing since the dawn of time.

Various tribes have banned together over the years to cross vast planes of land throughout the world. The technology of the moving moving company ha moving things from one point to another has evolved overtime with different technological achievements to arrive at the place it is today. The modern day moving company is not much different than the original pioneers. It wasn’t until later did moving businesses appear to provide relocation as a service.

The Origins Of The Moving Industry

A number of years before the advent of the wheel, migrating people engineered different methods to move large items long distances starting with wooden sled-like structures that were dragged behind steeds or by hand. The French called these trailers travois. At that point as people entered different periods throughout history, they started to move less frequently. Groups of people began settling in regions and migration began to slow. About the same time, innovation in the moving process began making strides.

The wheel was created and it incredibly expanded productivity. Wheels, in conjunction with axles, got to be one of the six basic machines. The wheel directly gave rise to the wooden truck, the wagon, and the steam powered train. These other more advanced techniques for transportation gave individuals the capacity to move their possessions over large swaths of land, quickly and efficiently. America’s expansion into the West gave ever increasing need to move bigger and bigger loads across longer stretches of land.

The Advent of the Modern Day Moving Company

Advent of the Moving Company

Individuals didn’t begin paying others to move them until the mid nineteenth century. The rush to expand West in America began to happen and the importance of moving became a greater need. Individuals began moving small distances by packing up customers belongings into horse drawn wagons first and greatly began to expand with the advent of the gas powered engine. Moving started out as a primarily family-based business with generations of families entering the business year after year.  The well off families would pay men to move their belongings into wagons and after that ship them to distribution centers, most of the time located somewhere on the railway.

The moving company would then load them into a train carty and transport them to another distribution center for loading and unloading. From that last distribution center the shipment would be packed onto a wagon and then unpacked at the family’s new house. These early moving organizations were the beginning of the moving business. At the end of WWII, a great many soldiers fighting returned home. With the war at a close and an attention on residential life, the era of post war America started and with it came an enormous expansion in America’s population and the need for moving services began to rise.

Keep On Trucking

18 Wheeler Moving Truck

The moving business has kept on trucking and it’s estimated that over 40 million Americans move yearly. The moving business itself earns 16 billion dollars a year. The industry is mainly divided into little and medium-sized moving companies. Customers hire movers to take on jobs of all sizes.

There’s an unmistakable difference between moving companies that spend significant time in long distance moves and those that have practical experience in little neighborhood moves. For the future, I’d anticipate the market will develop for any measured mover. While hiring a mover today, you want to make sure they are licensed and bonded.

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