Meet The Forefather Of Pflugerville: Henry Pfluger

Henry Pfluger

Sir Austin has wanted to be the number one Pflugerville moving company ever since he learned about the history of Pflugerville Texas. Pflugerville was founded in 1860 when a man by the name of William Bohls opened up both a general store and post office in his home and established a town in honor of Henry Pfluger. Pfluger arrived in Austin in the year of 1849, leaving his birthplace of Germany to escape the Prussian War.

His first purchase was a 160 acre plot of land that was 2 miles East of Austin from his brother-in-law, John Liese, who had immigrated to Austin a few years before him. In 1853 Henry Pfluger traded his land for a farm that was about five miles East of present day Pflugerville. His family lived in a 5 bedroom cabin and had a farm where they raised corn, beans and other commodities. The Pfluger’s also had livestock that Henry and his sons would drive to Austin cattle markets with his sons in tow.

Bohls House Plugerville

With the contributions that Henry Pfluger made the city began to flourish. The town added two major buildings and a blacksmith shop that was critical to its initial growth. However the serious growth in Pflugerville didn’t happen until 1904 when the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad can steaming through town in 1904. From then on the City began to experience rapid growth. From then on the Pfluger family began to open a number of businesses in the area. One of the most notable businesses was started by Henry Pfluger’s son Otto Pfluger, who built the first gin in the area in 1909. Otto continued to expand the empire by building the Sky Dome Theater, which showed motion pictures, and a Pflugerville newspaper as well.

Pfluger Cemetary

With the addition of these landmarks Pflugerville began to grow at a rapid pace until the time of the great depression. The local residents started a school in 1872 and shortly thereafter a church in 1875. The intro of the railroad made the population explode and businesses began popping up everywhere. The City was incorporated in 1965 and began to slowly rise in population from there. In July of 2015 the City of Pflugerville was happy to announce its 50th birthday by throwing a huge outdoor concert that also included free cake. Pflugerville has a long and distinguished place in Austin’s history, hope you’ve enjoyed!

Plugerville Water Tower

Original Pflugerville Water Tower

Pflugerville Visitors Video