What Factors Can Add Time To A Move?

Moving Times

When moving a house or apartment, there are a number of common factors that can add time to your move and you can rest assured that Sir Austin has seen it all and moved it all! Therefore while not extensive, this is a list of common situations that can add extra time to a move. However the A-Team knows all about these factors and will set the proper expectations well before anything is moved.


What Floor Moving

What floor is it on?

This is an obvious one but all conditions being equal, a move on the second floor will be slower than a move on the first floor. Every floor up will add time to the move (unless of course there is an elevator involved).


How close is the truck to both the load and unload sites?

The further the walk, the longer it can take. However there are a number of ways to mitigate against a long walk and we train our team in all methods. For instance use of a speed pack can drastically reduce trip times. (a speed pack is a large plastic rolling bin, used for small and miscellaneous items).

Packing, Moving or Both

Are we packing your home or are you?

This is an obvious one but an important distinction to make is if you are doing the packing or are we packing your home? If you are doing the packing, how ready are you on moving day? Are there still a lot of miscellaneous items that are unpacked? Are all boxes closed and labeled properly? These are just a few of the questions that need answering to judge how long a move should take.

Elevator Moving


Please tell us there’s a service elevator!

The above statement is definitely wishful thinking, especially when moving in Downtown Austin. Most condos make you move through the commons elevator and this really can be akin to the wildcard in a game of UNO, you just never know what it will be like!

Coming Soon…

These are just a few conditions that can add time to a move and we will be publishing more situations soon. But don’t worry, if anything even MIGHT add time to your move we will bring it to your attention well ahead of time!