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Sir Austin Likes To Keep It Weird On His Moves!

Moving To East Austin

New movers to East Austin will quickly find themselves in the most ecletic part of the city. Here's a few of the moving services we offer that will get you there.

East Austin Moving

If you know Sir Austin then you know he likes to keep it weird! I mean he owns a moving company that actually does what it says it will do, how much weirder than that can you get!

Packing & Unpacking

We offer full service packing and unpacking services. However if you are wanting to complete one step of the process or both, we still have you covered and can help guide you.

Apartment Moving

Sir Austin knows about all the cool East Austin apartments and so if you are moving to one of them he can give you the low down. Sir is a batchelor so he knows about apartment moving.

Long Distance Moving

If you are planning an East Austin long distance move then you are in luck because Sir Austin is in it for the long haul! He'll give you a roadmap of how to make it a smooth move.

Piano Moving

Sir Austin knows that East Austin is full of musicians so if you are moving a piano then he's your man! We have specialized movers that will pull out the white gloves!

Pool Table Moving

Sir Austin was a 9-ball champion back in the day and that probably explains his passion for moving pool tables. Don't choose a pool table moving company that knows nothing about pool!

The East Austin Way

Yes Sir Austin understands how weird it is that he operates an East Austin moving company that actually does what it says but you know what's not weird? A sound moving process!

Planning Your East Austin Move

Sure it's fun to keep it weird but there is nothing weird about the perfect moving plan. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail and moving in no different. We'll create a perfect moving plan.

To Pack Or Not To Pack

Many of our customers choose to pack themselves and whether we are packing your move or not we can provide sound guidance. Either way we have you covered!

Padding Is Our Purview

We offer both full wrap and half wrap furniture padding options depending on the amount of time you want us to spend on your move. Either way, we'll pad it out!

Stacking The Truck

Stacking a moving truck really is akin to playing a game of Tetris. However in this game if you stack a truck in an incorrect manner it can wreak havoc on a move!

Unpacking and Setting The Stage

Unpacking a move is easy, but setting the perfect stage for your East Austin move is artwork. We'll unpack your move and then stage your new home like we were interior designers.

Finalizing Your East Austin Move

The next step after we have packed, stacked and unpacked your East Austin move is to finalize everything. Move this here and that there? No problem, your wish is our command!


East Austin Movers Guide To Tacos

Are you moving to East Austin and wondering where the tastiest tacos can be found? Well you're in luck because Sir Austin has compiled a list of the 5 best crowd pleasers in East Austin. Sir travels all over the city on moves and you can trust his judgment when it comes to one thing...TACOS! Read this article if you are as fanatical about tacos as Sir is and if you're looking for an insiders perspective to the best tacos in East Austin!

Commence The Smackdown

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