Crystal Falls New Mover Guide

If you’re looking for a Crystal Falls Moving Company then you want to go with someone who knows the area. Crystal Falls is a beautiful, family-friendly location to raise a family in and they also have some awesome amenities in the area that are fun for the whole family. Although Sir Austin’s favorite place in Crystal Falls is the Disc Golf Course, you are your family might have another. Any way you look at it there is a ton of stuff to do in the area and these are just a few of the many options.

Crystal Falls Golf Club

The Crystal Falls Golf Club is a public course that is owned by the City of Leander. The course is beautiful and tucked away in some of the best scenic views that the hill country has to offer. The golf course has been called one of the most scenic public golf courses in all of central Texas. The club house is a sprawling 500 sq ft and has a number of amenities including a clubhouse a pro shop and a tasty restaurant.

Grotto Pool

Grotto Pool is the perfect place to bring the whole family on hot summer days. The pool features a number of different waterfalls and even has an underwater seating area! The pool area allows for open grills that are perfect for bar-b-que picnics. Just outside of the pool are championship volleyball courts and the area also has an awesome playscape area for the little ones.

Disc Golf

Crystal Falls Disc Golf Course

The disc golf course in Crystal Falls is a full 18 holes of scenic viewing goodness. The course surrounds the fishing lake and is as challenging as it is fun. If you’re not familiar with disc golf it’s essentially just like regular golf, only it’s played with Frisbee’s instead of golf balls and clubs. The other thing that’s different is that instead of a small hole, you throw the Frisbee into a basket to score points. The scoring is the same in that the person with the least amount of throws wins and there’s even a par for the course. The course is open year round so just show up and throw up (hmm, maybe I should have chosen different words there…)

Tennis Courts

Crystal Falls Tennis Courts

The tennis courts are located just across from the 19th Hole Pavilion and have ample viewing and playing space. The viewing area features a grandstand that is made out of natural rock and it’s the perfect place to just hang out and watch some tennis. The court can only be accessed with a valid Crystal Falls HOA keyfob so you have to be a member to access them. The tennis courts also have an awesome “tot park” just outside the courts so you can keep an eye on your little ones while you play.

Fishing Lake

Crystal Falls Fishing Lake

The Crystal Falls fishing lake is over 11.5 acres big and is stocked with a ton of catfish, bass and perch. However the lake is only open to members and their guests and only during daylight hours. There is no fishing permit required so you can bring the whole family without having to worry about obtaining a permit. However there are rules and regulations that you must follow so be sure to check the HOA’s website before casting off.