Comparing Austin Moving Companies

Comparing Austin Moving Companies

The best way to compare Austin movers hands down is going to be by looking at their reviews. There are a number of places on the internet that you can do this as review websites have become more and more ingrained in the heads of potential clients. The best line we’ve read about why as a Moving company we should embrace review sites is that it doesn’t let our competitors hide behind their unscrupulous business practices. User submitted reviews shine a light on the inner workings of a business and we encourage the scrutiny.

Length Of Worker Employment

Moving Company Worker History

In general, businesses that have a high turnover rate usually have some sort of structural underlying problems going on. Constantly having new employees makes for bad operations because as everyone knows practice makes perfect and the best movers shine. Even the best trained new employees usually make mistakes and so keeping your best employees in crucial in the moving business. That’s why we pride ourselves on our experienced crew and low employee churn.

Comparing Online Presence

Moving is a business of details. If you forget to mark the hardware properly while taking apart a bed then losing that hardware will be a lot easier. Not having a bed to lie in your first official day in your new house can be a real drag. That’s why paying attention to little details like a companies website or mobile app can give you a small glimpse into whether the moving company in question is detailed oriented. Do they have a blog that shows their expertise? What about their Facebook page? While these are only superficial concerns, they are a good way to tell whether the company cares about how they are being presented.

Compare Moving Quotes

An obvious way to compare apples to apples is to get price quotes. The prices can range steeply and there are many factors to consider. Some of the major factors are:

Price Per Hour

This one’s easy, compare the hourly rate of each moving company

Flat Rates

Another great way is to get flat rate quotes that are for the entire job


How far are you traveling? Many moving companies have a price for mileage

Number of Movers

If the company is charging you by the hour then obviously two guys will move faster than one.

Minimum Amount Of Hours

If you have a small job then look for moving companies that have smaller minimum hour requirements

Nickels and Dimes

Another thing that can up the price of your move is by nickel and diming for every little thing extra. A lot of companies have different prices for packing and shipping, different prices for long-distance moves and a plethora of other hidden charges that you only know about once it’s too late. We call this in the industry price creep and yes we’ve always found the name ironic. Not knowing all your costs upfront can be frustrating for anyone moving and so make sure your contract lays out all of the costs that you might incur, whether you think it pertains to your move or not.

While there’s no sure fire way to know what your getting until the move is complete we hope you’ll take these into consideration when hiring your next mover.