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Our commercial moving team specializes in commercial moving concerns, Sir Austin has dabbled in it all!

Commercial Moving

Our commercial moving team specializes in commercial moves and business relocations. We'll create a plan to move your office with pinpoint precision!


Our commercial team specializes in commercial moving concerns. Download Sir Austin's Business relocation guide for more info on how we plan out your move with pinpoint precision.

Specialty Moves

Sir Austin understands that our business customers often need sporadic services. Need a specific service not listed? Yea, we've probably done it before and can do it again.

Hot Shots

If you run a business you know that a lot of times your business needs quick errands run throughout the week. Our Hot Shots team is here to help you grease the wheels!


Sir offers no headache commercial accounts and whether you want to pay by the job or once a month, you don't have to worry about is, Sir gives you credit.

Storage Solutions

Our Commercial storage solutions can come to you. We have partnerships in everything from mobile storage to warehousing and we can devise an ongoing plan around your needs.

Document Storage

Although we personally digitize all our paperwork, we also store and manage physical records as well. We can do the same for your business and show you how it's done!

Commercial Moving Process

Our commercial clients are onging partners, not just customers. Here's a snapshot of the plan that we employ on commercial moves.

Creating A Sound Plan

As the adage goes, those who don't plan, plan to fail and when it comes to creating a relocation plan for your business that couldn't be more true

Inventorying Your Assets

Sir Austin's commercial inventorying process is as cutting edge as it gets. We'll inventory everything your business owns and present it to you in a nice, neat, report.

Digitizing Your Assets

The process of digitizing your assets consists of taking your inventory list and creating a digital log of everything your business owns. It's a tedious process but well worth it.

Commercial Payment Accounts

We offer a number of different commercial account and payment options. The last thing we want is for your employees wasting time on tasks that can be automated.

Immediate Errands

A lot of times your business needs menial man power for some mundane task that comes up. Deliver this here, fetch that there, no problem, Sir has you covered!

Commercial Storage Solutions

Different businesses need different storage options and so we've formed a number of different partnerships with commercial storage companies. Our storage solutions run the gambit.

Sir's Simple Strategy

Friendly Service

We understand that moving is stressful so we only hire movers with friendly dispositions, then teach them to be the best!

Sound Protocols

It might seem like a mindless endevour but there is a big difference between a professional move and amateur hour.

Train, Train, Train

Every move is different, ripe with potential logistical snags. We train, train, train and then send our movers out into the wild.


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