Commercial Moving Guide To Business Relocations

Moving Your Office Guide

Avoid Hidden Costs of Commercial Moving

Whether you’re hiring an Austin commercial moving company or are going at it alone, moving your office is not only stressful, it can also be quite costly. You know that there are some charges to pay when you choose to move, but are you really sure that you know everything? Too many business owners become victims of the surprise hidden costs associated with office relocation.

Office Moving and Relocation Costs

Commercial Moving Budget

In moving your office, you need to consider having a practical move budget that can help you a lot in evaluating the costs involved with your commercial move, and be able to manage them during the process. Ballpark estimates are to be considered when making a plan for your budget.

Major Commercial Mover Services

  • Commercial property agent – they will search for the office space which best suits the needs of your business
  • Legal costs – these involve the property search charges, stamp duty, the costs and registration which the agent incurs.
  • Office build-out – this includes space preparation designing, setting up the new office and furnishing it. This requires consultation with a licensed construction company..
  • Telecom and IT – the infrastructure management includes putting in the network cable, phone & ISDN lines installation and server room setup.
  • Commercial moving company – the physical relocate and the relevant costs will depend on your specific move logistics, the installed furniture and the cabling within your new office space.
  • Decommissioning – you might be wondering what happens to the stuff you can’t move? Things like office furniture, telecom gear and cable are just some of the items that cannot be moved. A lot of organizations prefer to sell their refurbished equipment. Others choose to donate them to local schools and charitable organizations. You may also hire a company that comes in, and sells what’s left on consignment..

Tips to Having a Hassle-free Office Move

Commercial Moving Tips

The following are the key services that will affect the move budget:

To have a hassle-free commercial move, everything should get started early. The earlier you begin the smoother and hassle-free the moving process will be. You also need to review all of the options available for at least nine to eighteen months before the expiration of the lease. Adequate lead-time would increase the volume of competition and leverage between different options that can result to significant savings.

It is also necessary to assess your needs and your recent situation. Your purpose for moving your office should be taken into account as well and it has to be clear and reasonable enough. This may include lease break or lease expiration. It is very important to map out your needs and then map out the most suitable office relocation plan. Subsequent planning should be considered and this process has to include the following:

  • Important details about the current lease
  • Notice period and;
  • The recent liabilities and obligations

Your preparation should include:

  • >Hiring a good transition consultant
  • Proper evaluation of everything
  • Contact the recent service providers to have them informed about the move
  • Gather the members of your team
  • Set a schedule for packing everything
  • Labeling everything
  • Distribute the floor plan for your new office
  • Unloading and loading

Be sure that your new office space is clean. Never move those items that you do not use as it is best to discard them before moving. Move your office with the help of a reputable commercial moving company.

Office Moving Tips