Choosing An Austin Piano Moving Company

Planning a Piano Move Without A Moving Company

If you are planning on moving a piano without the help of a professional Austin piano moving company then you are in for a wild ride indeed. There is much to learn about moving pianos and specialized workers train for years to effectively execute what you are about to embark on. However, don’t let that discourage you! With the right training you can learn the basics of moving a piano and lucky you, you’re learning from the master of piano movers Sir Austin!

There are many types, makes and models of pianos but generally speaking there are only 3 main categories of pianos. Those categories are Grand, Upright and Electronic pianos. Believe it or not, these 3 categories of pianos comprise the main bulk of pianos in existence. Most piano makes and models are derived from these 3 categories. For instance, you can have an “Electric Upright Piano” or you can have a “Baby Grand Piano”, and the like. The classification of what type of piano you have can get complicated quickly. However defining the type of piano you are moving is the first step in preparing for the move.

Type Of Piano You Are Moving

The level of love you have for the piano you are moving will essentially dictate how far you are willing to prepare for the move. For instance, if you are moving a $300 electronic piano then the level of planning you are willing to employ for the move will probably be a far cry from the level of planning it will take to move a $10,000 Baby Grand. However if you are reading this article then we believe you are probably preparing to move something like the later and Sir Austin is here to guide you through the process. Sir Austin learned to play piano on a Baby Grand and ever since the sound from an electronic piano just won’t do!

Grand Pianos Are Hardest To Move

Grand pianos can weigh in the neighborhood of 700-1000 pounds and moving anything this size can be a daunting task, trying to move something this size without getting a scratch on it only adds to the seemingly impossible task. But don’t fret! Sir Austin is here to show you some pro tips that you should consider before your big piano move. If hiring a professional piano moving company is out of the question then these tips should at least acclimate you with the process of moving a piano in a professional manner.

Follow these piano moving tips for a smooth move!

1) It’s a must for you to rent or purchase heavy-duty straps, a piano moving dolly and pads to wrap the piano with.

2) Use the padding for wrapping the piano. You may also use blankets if you like but make sure there is plenty of padding. Before wrapping, lock or close the keyboard lit to prevent it from opening during the move.

3) When basing it on a grand piano, you’ll need at least four people to carry it which is why choosing a piano moving company that knows what they are doing is important. Sir Austin has a trained teamed of piano moving specialists that are ready for any challenge!

4) Hold on the undersides and keep the piano in an upright position. The insides of the piano might get disturbed when carried sideways.

5) To fully secure your piano in the truck, place it at the end part of the container behind the driver of passenger side and lean it on the corners.

6) Before unloading the piano, check where exactly it should be positioned inside the house. Clear the way and carry it (again, with help) strait to its destination.

7) Call professional piano moving companies to check if your piano is still in tune. You should also get it checked if the inner workings of your piano were not damaged along the way.

8) Pianos are really special. This is because they’re really hard to move. The cost is a fortune and quality needs to be kept so damage is not an option. Pluat they are usually really loved by their owners!

As we’ve seen, moving a piano is a tall task! Whether you plan to go it alone or want a moving company to move your piano for you, Sir Austin has you covered!

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