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We are militant about our internal moving processes and we like to publish articles on how a moving company is supposed to operate.

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As a British expat, Sir Austin fell in love with Austin and even though he wasn't born here, he loves publishing articles about the city.

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Sir Austin is a big fan of moving guides and we publish a number of his favorites that teach you about the moving process.

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Sir Austin is always publishing new articles on his adventures in Austin moving, make sure to check back for the latest moving tips and Austin news!

Percy Pennybacker Jr.

Prime Westlake Mover: Meet Percy Pennybacker Jr.

Percy Pennybacker Jr. was an iconic Austin architect and the man responsible for designing the most iconic bridge in all of Austin. Meet the bridge builder!

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Crystal Falls New Mover Guide

If you’re moving to the Crystal Falls area then it can be pretty boring if you don’t have anything for you and the family to do. Check out the amenities in the Crystal Falls New Mover guide and you and the family will never be at a loss for stuff to do this summer.

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Moving To Cedar Park?

If you’re moving to the Cedar Park area then in can be like a whole new world, especially if you’re moving from out of state. In this article we introduce you to a few different cool Cedar Park venues and welcome you to the city.

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Welcome To Round Rock

In Sir Austin’s long moving career in Round Rock he has grown to love and learn about the area and its rich history. Round Rock is a welcoming city and if you’re moving to Round Rock this is page will introduce you to the city and get you set up in the area.

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Round Rock Relocation Guide

If you’re planning to move to Round Rock then you might be wary about what the city is all about, but don’t fret! Sir Austin has been moving in Round Rock for years and if you know Sir, he likes to keep his ear to the street! If you’re a new mover to the area then check out this Round Rock relocation guide.

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Moving to Austin? Meet Our Forefather!

Stephen F Austin is a Texas pioneer that blazed the trail for the formation of our state. A lawyer by 21, he soon set out on a journey of changing the landscape of Texas. Follow us on this journey in the life of a true native Austinite.

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Sam Bass Wanted Poster Featured

The Round Rock Outlaw: Who Was Sam Bass

Sam Bass was a Round Rock outlaw that had a moving history. After trying and failing at legitimate businesses Bass turned to a life of crime and eventually pulled off one of the biggest train robberies in U.S. history. With his band of merry men they terrorized the wild west, find out just how they did it!

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Buda Movers & Shakers: John Coffee Hays

When moving to any area Sir Austin likes to research it’s history first and Buda was no exception. Although he had never heard of John Coffee Hays Sir quickly realized that he was a man of action, like himself, and he wanted you to meet this brave soldier!

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Bill Picket The Bulldogger

Meet Bill “The Bull-Dogger”, Georgetown Pioneer

Bill Pickett was an African African cowboy that was from Georgetown and moved out of poverty by becoming a prolific rodeo performer. Aside from the rodeo circuit, Pickett went on to star in a number of different big screen films such as “The Bull-Dogger”, meet the man

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5 Must Visit Venues In Cedar Park

Sir Austin knows the drill, you just moved to Cedar Park, now what? Well lucky for you Sir is well known on the Cedar Park party scene and he knows about all the hotspots. This list of the 5 best venues in the Cedar Park area are a where’s where for the entire area. Make sure you check them all out!

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Henry Pfluger

Meet The Forefather Of Pflugerville: Henry Pfluger

The City Of Plugerville has a very distinct place in the history of Austin. Henry Pluger was a German immigrant that pulled himself up from his bootstraps and made something of himself by starting several businesses in what is modern day Pflugerville. This article traces the history of the mystery man that was Henry Pfluger.

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Tastiest Breakfast Tacos In East Austin

Sir Austin loves moving in East Austin because of all the amazing taco places! Check out this East Austin new movers guide to the taco smackdown!

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The Best Parks Near Westlake

Right about this time of year Sir Austin longs for summer. Hands down his favorite thing about Westlake is its awesome parks! That’s why he’s put together a definitive list of the best parks in Austin for you to enjoy. If you’re looking for some outdoor awesomeness then look no further!

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Leanderthal Lady

The Leander First Lady, She’s 10,000 Years Young!

The Leanderthal Lady was a prehistoric woman that was found in what is modern day Leander and was given her nickname because of where she was found. Affectionately named “Leanne” this mystery lady has confounded Sir Austin and here’s why!

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