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Austin Moving Must Do Checklist

This 11 step checklist to making your Austin move a success takes you through what you should do during and directly after your big move. Follow this guide to make sure you have a smooth move!

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Comparing Austin Moving Companies

Comparing Austin Moving Companies

Whenever comparing anything you want to be sure that you’re comparing apples to apples. Without a benchmark of comparison, comparing anything is a waste of time. In this post we’ll explore how you can compare Austin moving companies and how to benchmark exactly what you’re getting in your moving company.

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Moving Day Calendar Countdown Featured

Moving Day Calendar Countdown

The only thing that people hate worse than moving is dying, trust us, it’s been proven! However there are things that can lower your stress level during a move. Follow the moving calendar in this article to learn how to have a stress free move!

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Moving In Austin With Pets? Check Out This Guide First!

Austin is filled with pet people that care about the well being of their furry friends. Whether you are going on a long distance move or are traveling on a vacation, taking a pet along has a lot of logistical challenges that must be met. Read this guide and you’ll be ready to move your pet with confidence.

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Countdown To Move Featured

Countdown To Your Austin Move

If you’re looking for an Austin moving company then look no further, Sir has you covered! However if you’re a DIY mover then Sir would never leave a fellow moving soldier just twisting in the wind. Follow the advice in this moving guide so you can start the countdown to a flawless move!

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Moving with a dog

Fido Road Trip

Everyone knows that moving with a dog can be compounded stress upon what is no doubt an already stressful move. This guide walks you through how to have a stress free move, when moving with your puppy!

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Moving Tips Pinterest

Best DIY Moving Tips On Pinterest

This guide shows some of the best moving advice that you’ll find on Pinterest. Sir’s a huge fan of Pinterest, he loves the pictures!

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Mover Training Manual

Do You Have A Mover Training Program?

Sir Austin takes training his movers seriously and he would never let a fellow soldier go in to battle untrained. From generals on down everyone goes through the training program!

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Protect Furniture Moving

How Do You Protect My Furniture?

Sir Austin is militant when it comes to protecting your furniture for the big move. We follow a strict 3 step process, this article is a snippet of our internal process documentation.

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Our Moving Process

What Is Your Moving Process?

We take our processes very seriously and constantly train the A-Team on all new edicts. This is just a peak into our moving process.

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Moving Times

What Factors Can Add Time To A Move?

This article explores some common factors that can add time to a move. Sir has seen it all so he knows the common and not so common factors that can add time to a move.

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Moving Company Equipment

What type of moving equipment do you use?

This page explains a small set of the equipment we use. Because we’re still on the fence about some of the products we’re using this is just a short intro, the full list of moving equipment we use will be coming soon!

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Guarantee Moving Dates

Can You Guarantee Moving Dates?

Sir Austin would never schedule a move that we couldn’t complete and we take our calendaring system seriously. We have a number of ways to connect to your calendaring system, read on to find out how.

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Hourly Move Vs Flat Rate Move

How Do I Compare Hourly and Flat-Rate Moves?

Both hourly and flat rate moves have their pros and cons and choosing between the two really depends on the move in question. Generally speaking, hourly rates are better suited to local moves and flat rates are better for long distance moves, but there are exceptions to this rule. Read this faq to learn all about the difference between the two.

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Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

The amount of waste that the average move generates is staggering. If everyone just made small changes concerning their move it could add up to huge benefits for the environment. Follow the advice in this article to green up your next move and do your small part to help conserve the environment!

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Moving With Your Pets

It’s easy to overlook your furry friends on the day of the big move. With a little forethought and planning you can rest assured that your pets have the best moving experience they can and also settle into their new surroundings stress free.

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Ultimate Moving Checklist Featured

The ULTIMATE Moving Checklist

Sir Austin wants you to have a stress free move whether you are employing our moving services or you’re going the DIY route. Follow the steps outlined here for a move worthy of the Sir Austin name.

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History Of Moving Companies

History Of The Moving Company

The moving industry has existed in some form or fashion throughout most of civilization. Starting with hunter gathers, people needed to move large objects across log stretches of land. This article explores the history of the modern day moving company and traces the history of the moving industry in general.

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