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Moving To Buda

If you're moving to Buda and don't know anything about the city then it can be frustrating
trying to find different government offices, here's a few mission critical ones.

Police Department

In case of an emergency you should always dial 911, however if you're looking for non-emergency services then the Buda Police Department has a website where you can get connected.

Fire Department

The Buda Fire Department has 3 separate locations to serve it's citizens and they pride themselves on having one of the fastest response times in the entire state. Add in community outreach and the BFD is on fire!

Utility Services

Everyone knows that paying your utility bills can be annoying, however the Buda utility department goes out of its way to give you the most bill pay options available, from monthly drafts to pay by email, they have you covered.

School District

The Georgetown Independent School District is an award winning agency that graduates some of the best and brightest students that Austin produces. Click the link above to find out more about their caring teachers and award winning academics.

Trash And Recycling

Dealing with your trash can be a messy proposition but the Buda solid-waste department tries to make this process easy. If you've just moved to Buda and want to know about trash pickup schedules then follow the link above for more info.

Parks And Recreation

The Buda Parks & Recreation Department manages a number of different public places for everyone to enjoy. There are 8 members of the agency that oversee all of Buda's public parks and outdoor spaces, click the link above for more info.

City Council

The City of Buda was incorporated in 1948 and continued to grow from there. The Buda City Council rules over all civil matters and also writes rules and regulations that everyone must follow. Visit the link above for more.

Planning And Permits

The Buda planning and permitting consists of 4 major divisions that are responsible for carrying out the agencies tasks. It actively works with other agencies to carry out its mission of planning a safe city for the residents of Buda to enjoy.

Public Library

The Buda public library has more than just a great physical and digital archive of information, they also put on a number of training classes and family-friendly events that are sure to be a hit with the whole family, check it out!

Meet Ranger Jack

A true Buda Mover And Shaker

John Coffee “Jack” Hays was a Texas Ranger that was crucial to the founding of the republic. Hays, who was a decendent of then President Andrew Jackson and was known as a highly competent man, led the Rangers on a series of successful battles against the Comanche Indians. Hays battled the Comanches for years and eventually gained the respect of the Comanches themselves, so much so that the main chief of the Comanches eventually ended up sending a golden spoon to Hays upon the birth of his first son. Read on to find out more about this Buda pioneer.

Meet John Coffee Hays

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The Sir Austin Way

We follow a set formula on every move we complete and we stick to our processes religiously.
This is just an overview so if you want to drill down then head over to Sir's blog!

Planning Your Move

The perfect move starts out with the perfect plan. As the adage goes, those who don't plan, plan to fail and moving is no different. Sir Austin's a knight so he's always ONGUARD!

Packing Properly

Packing a box properly might seem like a mindless task but if done wrong, you can cause serious damage to your boxes and your belongings.

Padding and Protecting

Sir would never take shortcuts when it comes to padding and protecting your furniture and neither would any member of The A-Team. We pad and protect everything.

Stacking and Moving

The perfect analogy to draw regarding stacking a truck is that it truly is like a game of Tetris. Lucky for you Sir Austin is a Tetris GRAND master!

Unpacking and Staging

If you don't pack a moving truck properly then be prepared for a chaotic unpacking. That's why Sir meticulously labels and inventories all of your belongings.

Finalizing Your Move

After we've successfully unpacked and staged your new home we then go the extra mile to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your move. Wash dishes, mop the floor, no problem!

Buda Popular Places

Buda movers that are looking for fun family-friendly stuff to do in the city can sometimes
have a hard time finding popular places, here's a few of the best.

Mary Moore Disc Golf

The Mary Moore Disc Golf course is an awesome course that not only allows you to play a great round but also explore awesome nature.

Bonita Vista Park

Bonita means beautiful in spanish and that's exactly what this Buda park is! Explore all the cool stuff to do there is here.

Facility Rentals

The Buda Parks and Recreation Department oversees a number of awesome facilities that you can rent for your next party.

Buda Skate Park

Looking for a cool place for your young Tony Hawk to practice his skateboarding? Then look no further than the Buda Skatepark.

Buda Sportsplex

The City of Buda is serious about its youth sports programs and boasts a huge sports complex that has a number of different fields.


Budafest started 15 years ago as a way for local vendors to showcase their businesses and quickly grew into an annual party!

Senior Citizens

The Buda Senior Citizens Center is a great meeting place for all of Buda's seniors that are looking for some fun.

Buda Greenbelt

The Buda Greenbelt is a 10 acre spread located in Downtown Buda that showcases some of the coolest greenage in the entire city.

Garlic Creek Park

Garlic Creek Park sits on over 31 acres in the heart of Buda and has a playground, basketball court and a cool pavillion.

Buda Public Library

The Buda Public Library is a bookworms oasis and houses a number of both physical and digital resources to explore.

Green Meadows Park

Green Meadows Park is a public park located in Buda that is sure to be fun for the whole family! Check out what it's all about.

Historic Stagecoach

The Historic Stagecoach Park is one of Buda's crowning jewels and is available for rent for your next party or get together.


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