Buda Movers & Shakers: John Coffee Hays

Sir Austin is always on the lookout for Buda movers and shakers and his biggest respect goes out to John Coffee “Jack” Hays who was a Texas Ranger during the Mexican-American War and military officer that was crucial to the founding of the republic. Jack Hays, as John Coffee would come to be known, was a decorated military officer that played a crucial role in a deciding battle against the Comanche people. Coffee also had a number of powerful friends as well such as Sam Houston

The History of John Coffee Hays

Jack Hays was born in 1817 in Wilson County, Tennessee and is most famous for a victory during the Mexican-American war he commanded over the Comanche people. After his victory, his childhood friend, Sam Houston, promoted Hays to high positions within the Texas Rangers. Hays also had other prominent political connections through then-President Andrew Jackson, who was his great uncle. After being promoted to head of the Rangers, Hays led the organization on a number of different raids against the Comanches in and around the Texas territory. Fighting the Comanche people was a long-time goal of Hay’s and after years of doing battle the Comanche’s ended up having great respect for him. So much so that Chief Buffalo Hump, a Comanche chief, ended up sending a golden spoon to him whenever he gave birth to his first son.

Moving From Texas

The following year after Hays was promoted to head of the Texas Rangers he was integral in solving another problem for the union. A critical supply line became under attack and Hays devised a plan that allowed for the protection of the supply line and the problem was diverted. Throughout his life Hays was known as a man of great abilities and also he was beloved by his troops. After the Mexican-American Wars Hays decided to leave Texas for San Francisco and enter into politics. In 1850 he was elected Sheriff of the area and soon after he was appointed as the U.S. Surveyor General of all of California. He ended up developing several properties including both banks and utilities.

The Story Of John Coffee Hays