Too Cool For Pool: Awesome Pool Trick Shot Videos

Pool Trick Shot Videos

Yes Sir is the undisputed Austin pool table mover in the game and YES he was a junior league 9-ball champ so you’d think he’s seen it all, but even Sir was amazed at these awesome pool trick shot videos! These videos showcase some of the best trick shot artists in existence and these videos are sure to amaze. If you’re as big a fan as Sir Austin is of the art of shooting pool then sit back, press play and enjoy these too cool for pool videos!

This video starts out with some awesome trick shots by Tim “The Dragon” Chin and goes right into an awesome medley of amazing trick shots. This is by far Sir Austin’s favorite video and The Dragon is definitely Sir’s favorite trick shot artist. I mean is this guy entertaining or what!

Florian Kohler aka “Venom” is the kind of guy you would never guess was a world champion trick shot artist at first glance but this guy can flat out shoot! Florian ranks number 5 on the list of greatest trick shot artists and his game doesn’t disappoint. His pool game is as entertaining as his showmanship. Don’t leave this page without watching Venom in action!

Trick shot of the day is one of Sir Austin’s favorite trick shot video diaries. He chose this specific video because it shows a trick shot that Sir has actually achieved before “Don’t Break The Egg”. Let’s just say we heard about it ALMOST as much as we hear about Sir’s junior league 9-ball championship. When it comes to pool Sir has a one track mind, unlike these trick shots which find a round about way to get the ball in the hole.

Sir didn’t think Florian stung you with enough VENOM the first time so he added this video to truly show you what this trick shot master can do on a pool table. This video only shows trick shots from the number 5 artist in the world. I mean to call this guy an artist honestly feels like an understatement, am I right?

Sir knows all about the word “impossible”. Whenever his class mates at the prestigous moving institute said he was too small to be a mover he doubled down, bulked up and started getting after it and slowly began to prove everyone wrong. That’s probably why he included this video because although the word impossible isn’t in his vocabulary, this video shows that NOTHING is impossible!