Austin Moving Must Do Checklist

Must Do Checklist For The Austin Mover

If you’re planning for a move then having a rock solid move-in checklist will help to alleviate the stress that can arise by constantly feeling like you are forgetting something. Sir Austin is a huge fan of moving checklists and this awesome one he found will ensure that you will be ready to move into your new home without feeling like you are forgetting something. Follow the steps in this guide for a smooth Austin move!

1) Change Out All Locks In New Home

Changing out all the locks in your new home can give you a piece of mind that none of the previous residents will have access to your home. Not only can previous residents have copies of keys but so can a number of people who have had access to the home during the selling process. That includes Austin moving companies, realtors and any handymen that might have done work on the home prior to the sale.

2) Get A New Garage Door Opener

Don’t forget to get a new garage door opener so that you can be assured that you are the only one that has access to your garage. Most houses have attached garages and that means that once someone gets into your garage, they will also have access to the door to your home. If you can’t get a new garage door opener after your move then be sure to reprogram the one that comes with the house.

3) Make Sure You Know Where Water Shut-offs Are

Knowing where all your main water shut-offs in your new home are will make sure that you don’t have any flooding issues while you’re moving stuff around. Not being able to get to your main water shut-offs can be a serious hazard. Not just knowing where they are but also making sure they aren’t corroded and are in working order.

4) Find Your Main Circuit Breaker

Your circuit breaker is the main electrical supply for your entire house so once you move in you want to make sure that all breakers are labeled and in good working condition.

5) Test All Of Your Smoke Detectors

Testing the smoke detectors in your new home will give you a piece of mind that you will be alerted in case of a fire. Every new move should come with a rock solid fire safety plan to ensure you will be alerted in case of a fire.

6) Game Plan Getting Locked Out Your House

If you’re the type of person that can lose your keys and have locked yourself out of your home then having a hidden spare key somewhere on site can save you money on a locksmith. If you’ve just moved in then taking the time to map out a good location is critical.

7) Read Any And All HVAC Manuals

You want to become familiar with your HVAC system manual and all required maintenance. Knowing when and how often to change your AC filter will lengthen the life of your HVAC equipment.

8) Create A List Of Your Light Bulbs

Knowing how many lightbulbs and what sizes your new home takes will make sure that you always have spare bulbs while moving. Not only during your move but after whenever lightbulbs go out. Having a stock of bulbs is a way to save yourself a headache.

9) Change Out Your Toilet Seats

You never know what could be lurking on old toilet seats. Changing out your seats during or after the move will alleviate any issues you may have about germs from the previous residents.

10) Create A Fire Safety Plan

As stated above, creating a rock solid fire safety plan after you move is important so that you’ll know what to do in the event of a fire. Because moving can be a hectic experience, having a fire safety plan before you move in is probably the best idea.

If you follow the steps in this moving guide then you can have peace of mind that you aren’t forgetting to do something after your big day.

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