Austin Long Distance Movers Guide

Long Distance Moving Guide

Long Distance Moving Guide

While Sir is so sad to see you go, if you’ve decided to move outside Austin then you’re going to need the services of the best Austin long distance moving company that’s out there! Now that you’ve found us, follow these long distance moving tips to make your life easier!

Long Distance Moving Timeline


The sooner you start the better and easier the move will be. In preparing for the move, start by arranging all the details as soon as you’ve confirmed that you will be moving. By starting out early, you will be less stressed out the day of the actual move. During this stage, check your house for items you don’t want to take with you so you can either give the item away to someone you know, donate the item or throw it away.


In this stage, you can sort all your things and figure out which you want to take with you and which you don’t. On that note, make sure not to pack all your things without checking them first. This will allow you to check for the things you don’t need anymore and thus save yourself from packing or moving things that you don’t actually need.


To keep your things organized, separate them into different piles. Put them into piles like those that you will KEEP, those that you plan to SELL, DONATE or THROW AWAY. On another note, if there are things you are not sure of, you can put them in a “MAYBE” pile that you can check again once the other items are processed according to your plan.


To reduce the stress of your move immensely (and obviously Sir is hopelessly biased on the subject!), you could hire a long distance moving company


The best way to keep from stress and headache during the move is to stay organized. To do that, one effective trick is by color coding the boxes as well as keeping a key. This makes it easier for you to figure out which is which when you finally unpack.

Keep your things organized and labeled by room to know which is which. Also, it’s a good idea to have a master inventory list. When you get to your new home, check it against the items so you’ll know if there’s anything missing.


In moving to a new home in a new place, it is important that you plan ahead of time. On that note, it’s critical that you get a floor plan of the new place you are moving into. Additionally, measuring your furniture is great so you can figure out if it will fit inside of your new place.

At the same time, having a rough outline of where all your things will go is important. It will give you a general idea of where everything will go and so you don’t have to move your things around again. With this, you can keep yourself from the headache and stress of long distance moving.

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